Scandal airs on Sky Living, Thursday, 10pm

30th November 2015

It’s been a while since we last saw Olivia Pope in our screen. If you miss her, don’t worry; Scandal is back on Sky for its fifth season.

Last season, we saw Rowan Pope sent to jail by Olivia and her team. Mellie became the senator of Virginia. However, she was asked to move out of his house after President Fitz found out that she was involved in the brutal killing of the grand jurors in the B-613 trial. Fitz fired Cyrus, the chief staff of the White House, after learning about Cyrus’ collusion with Rowan Pope. Jake also decided to leave Olivia Pope, telling her to go after what she wants. The season ended with Olivia Pope and President Fitz locked in a steamy kiss. Obviously, the two are the only people who got their happy ending at the end of the season.

So what’s in store for season 5? Clearly, we get to see how Olivia and Fitz’s relationship developed even though they have decided to keep it a secret until Fitz is officially divorced. Cyrus, Mellie, and Huck are all still dealing with the consequences of helping Command. Elizabeth North, portrayed by Portia de Rossi, is now a regular series and has become the new Chief of Staff of the White House. Other than the continuation from last season, this season, the royal family of Caldonia will visit the United States and a tragedy hits their family. Olivia Pope is hired by them to ensure that the family’s privacy will remain private. So, get ready for another heart-pounding, jaw-dropping, and mind-blowing moments from Shonda Rimes in this season of Scandal.

Scandal airs on Sky Living, Thursday, 10pm

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