Scooby Dooby Done: Cartoon Network merges with Warner Bros.

A fond farewell to everyone's favourite Cartoon Network after 30 years!

Castor Chan
19th October 2022
Image: Instagram @cartoonnetworkofficial
This past week, it was announced that Cartoon Network studios will be merged with Warner Bros. Animation. CNS had just celebrated its 30th anniversary at the beginning of October, and many fans took to social media to complain but also reminisce on their childhood.

This is the latest in a long line of worries about how the studio was changing, with tons of projects and shows having been cancelled and removed over the past few months. Since the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, Cartoon Network has seemed to slowly go downhill, a completely different look from how it was in the 2000s and 2010s. 

Is it even a Cartoon Network list without Gumball?

Personally, I miss the old Cartoon Network. My brother and I didn’t have many shared interests at all growing up, but one thing we both did together was watch cartoons. Whether it was catching the weekly episode of one of our favourites or rewatching old ones on Now Player On Demand, that was our go to channel when we spent time with each other. No matter where it goes, Cartoon Network has created brilliant shows that defined my childhood experience, and in honour of their 30th anniversary, here is a little trip down memory lane and a list of my favourite shows.

5. Adventure Time

Adventure Time was a classic growing up, and while I didn’t end up following the series to its end, it was one show I always made sure to catch up on when I still watched it.

4. Steven Universe

Most of Steven Universe - in the early days when I watched it anyway - was wholesome and fun, and one of my favourite songs is Rebecca Sugar’s ‘It’s Over Isn’t It’. It’s absolutely heartbreaking but so good, I really recommend a listen.

3. Oggy and the Cockroaches

Do I have a particular reason for this choice? Not really, but it was just an opportunity for my brother and I to call each other cockroaches and I enjoyed that immensely. Also, it has a very distinct intro song that I can still recall so bonus points in that category.

2. Regular Show

Regular Show was really good for slightly older us, when we still liked watching TV together but wanted something different to Courage or Powerpuff Girls. It wasn’t a hugely funny show, but it has decent plot and I honestly just relate to how lazy Mordecai and Rigby are.

Image: IMDB
1. The Amazing World of Gumball

Is it even a Cartoon Network list without Gumball? This was the series that my brother and I loved the most, and we would try and watch all the episodes on On Demand. I don’t remember if we ever finished all of them, but I have the best memories of us laughing on the couch together to this show, and it has to be my number 1 on this list.

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