Scouting For Girls: Gig Review

One of our writers reviews a recent Scouting for Girls concert...

James Kellett
3rd December 2023
ImageCredit: Instagram@scoutingforgirls

Following the release of their first album, The Place We Used to Meet, since 2019, Scouting for Girls (SFG) took to the road for a nationwide UK tour. The 11th of November saw them take the stage at Newcastle’s O2 City Hall, a slight from their previously scheduled venue, Northumbria University SU.

The night kicked off with the Anglo-Greek supporting act, D3lta, who has been chosen to support SFG for the duration of their tour. They were notable for their brand-new upbeat breakup banger, ‘Happy Out Of Love’. Their set lasted approximately 15 minutes and instilled a happy buzz into the air.

With the crowd warmed up, the main event arrived.

SFG got off to a cracking start with, ‘The Missing Part’, the second track on their new album. It must be said, most in attendance were arguably expectant of the certified classics from the early SFG days, which in consequence meant the majority were not as responsive to their more contemporary tunes.

Roy Stride was commendable in his efforts to pump up the crowd for the lesser-known songs, new tunes such as, ‘Song I Can’t Forget’ and ‘The Luckiest Boy in the World’, he heavily engaged with the crowd to participate with the performance even though many were unaccustomed with the lyrics. The ability for Stride to maintain this vibrant atmosphere only gave it the platform to surge when their more popular tunes entered the stage.

The concert varied between their new album and their most favoured songs; and the favoured songs without a shadow of a doubt stole the show.

Time old classics such as ‘This Ain’t a Love Song’ and ‘Heartbeat’ were the anthems that the SFG faithful dearly waited for. It was safe to say that SFG had not lost their touch and the crowd made their opinions clear.

Amongst a sea of waving arms and jumping bodies, the atmosphere was simply lifted with crowd as a collective becoming an integral part of the gig.

In all honesty, the songs from SFG’s new album will never replace their much-loved melodies from over a decade ago, and I respect that the band accepted this.

As the concert came to a close, it was glaringly obvious one song was missing from the set, as the band entered the encore, they thanked the crowd, and we were happily serenade off with ‘She’s So Lovely’. Ending the night on arguably their most popular anthem certainly made sure we left City Hall with smiles on our faces.

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AUTHOR: James Kellett
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