Scran or Scrap: Black pudding

One of the nation's most disputed topics, black pudding! Our writers give us their perspective, do they scran it or scrap it?

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24th March 2022
Black pudding/ Image: flickr

Scran it

Black pudding is an iconic dish unique to the UK and Ireland. While other cultures have their own blood sausage recipes, this version uses specific herbs and grains to produce a unique texture.

I know it’s hard for black pudding to find many defenders these days. After all, it is reminiscent of an era in which making it was an easy way to use extra blood and meat scraps after slaughter. That is not the lifestyle most of us are living in the modern era of M&S meal deals and five different caterpillar cakes.

it’s hard for black pudding to find many defenders these days

However, as someone who didn’t grow up with black pudding, it’s alright. It has a very rich, overwhelming flavour, but when paired with bread or egg it’s more manageable. The squishy texture of one that’s less-cooked might turn people away from it, but that’s typically solved by cooking it to an ideal level of crispiness.

I don’t expect black pudding to be everyone’s favourite—after all, a sausage made of animal blood sounds unappealing. But as part of a full breakfast, I think it can be quite good!

- Elizabeth Meade

Scrap it

My parents have always been huge fans of black pudding. From a young age, I'd always snoop around the fridge to see these huge, dark blobs sitting in a packet. It wasn't until I saw them cooking it that they explained it was called 'Black Pudding'.

Confused, I looked it up. For anyone who doesn't know, black pudding is a 'blood sausage' originated from the UK and Ireland. It contains pork or beef blood, with pork fat or beef suet, and a cereal, usually oatmeal as well as oat groats or barley groats.

I was skeptical at first, but then became even more skeptical as they placed it on a perfect looking bacon sandwich. To an extent, it made me hurt inside. Such a beautiful looking bacon sandwich was utterly destroyed by a blood sausage. I can't fathom it!

If you want sausage in a bacon sandwich, just buy some sausages. Why on earth would you want congealed blood in a sandwich that looks and tastes disgusting. To be honest, I have the same opinion with beer. Why would you want to taste a field?

In my eyes, we need to scrap black pudding. It's an insult to all the great, true sausages out there and even more of an insult to breakfast sandwiches. It must be stopped.

- Kayleigh Fraser

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