Season 2 of the Kardashians: Have the family kept their promise of drama?

The world's favourite family are back: but is their new show everything we expected?

Ellie Bodkin
8th November 2022
Image Credit: IMDB
Season 2 of the Kardashian’s has left me with the bitter knowledge that the devil is finally working harder than Kris Jenner. The most elusive moments from the lead up to the series are ignored or lost in the first episode. We were promised a popcorn worthy deep dive into the cheating scandals, secret weddings and 100 million-dollar lawsuits we can’t not watch. Yet we received an immediate and unsatisfyingly tasteful response to Khloe’s main storyline (of Tristan’s infidelity and eventual surrogate baby reveal). With the unfortunate promise of dull and dragged out silence over the rest of the drama.

The once loveable shit-show has become all too aware of being respectful. No one has any comments over Kourtney and Travis (not even Lord Disick himself), Kim refuses to bring Pete on screen, Kylies absent, and Kendall is becoming a realtor. Which leaves 90% of the show to be filler of Kris Jenner getting a hip replacement and inviting Martha Stuart round (which sounds juicy but since ‘Martha ain’t no snitch’, it’s as dull as the rest of it). The watchability of America's royal family was always due to their no shits given attitude. They didn’t care if we saw them go to jail, get divorced or make a sex tape. They owned it, and let us in on the gossip. That’s why we all watched. Now the only bone we are thrown, is the Oscar worthy ‘coming up’ compilations at the end of each episode.

An unfortunate promise of dull and dragged out silence over the rest of the drama

Hope is reborn in the final 5 minutes as we see Kim and Khloe take over Miami once again, Kylie talking of her elusive baby names and Kris going full momager over the lawsuit from long-time show villain Blac Chyna; this is quickly dashed at the prolonged realisation that actually, Kim is sitting in a Miami hotel room as she ‘gets off her ass and works’, while Khloe lamely dances around her. Kylie still doesn’t know the poor kids name and any information of the trial is going to get pushed again to the next episode.

This abysmal pattern is a feature of ‘The Kardashian’s’, and so it makes me doubt that the new show is worth me keeping up.

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