Seasonal activities to get you in the Christmas spirit

Looking for ways to get yourself in the Christmas spirit? Look no further!

Zahra Hanif
12th December 2022
Image credits: Pixabay

Pitch-black darkness at 4pm and the puffer coat over three layers of clothes? It can only mean one thing - Christmas is fast approaching us.

As the workload piles up and the thought of removing your soft, soft duvet to venture to a dingy lecture hall becomes unbearable, it can be hard to really get yourself into a festive mood, or deem yourself to be carrying this magical, yet elusive ‘Christmas spirit’. So, here’s some suggestions for activities to cheer you into becoming less Scrooge-y, or at least for maximising your enjoyment in this dark, chilly season. 

First of all, ice skating. What better way to utilise the freezing-cold than to skid all over it? Whether you’re a dancer, a glider, or, like me, a plummeter, it’s great seasonal fun that you can participate in no matter your skill level (do be cautious though, hold on to the side if it’s your first time!). 

Next up, another classic - give the Christmas markets a visit. Most city centres have one, Newcastle’s certainly does, and even if your pockets are tight from Secret Santas and such, just walking around those wooden stalls with the pretty lights and cheery music is bound to bring you a step closer to feeling the special seasonal spirit. 

Another recommendation would incorporate either your friends and family - after all, Christmas is a time to celebrate your loved ones. Get together and put on a Christmas film marathon! So low effort, yet so festive. If you want to go the extra mile, get yourself down to Poundland for tinsel and Santa hats to enhance the atmosphere. Argue about whether you’re putting Die Hard on or not. It’ll be lovely. 

Argue about whether you’re putting Die Hard on or not. It’ll be lovely

So there you go, just a few recommendations for brightening up the end of the year - this list isn’t exhaustive, but it is low-energy/budget friendly. The most important thing is you look after yourself and congratulate yourself for making it through another long year.

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AUTHOR: Zahra Hanif
English literature student :)

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