Self-care: 30 ways in 30 days

Hannah Galvin provides a 30 day self-care challenge to combat the lockdown blues

Hannah Galvin
17th February 2021
We are now in the third lockdown, and mental health is at an all-time low. Therefore, it is essential to nurture our minds and bodies with some self-care. Spending a little time on ourselves each day can go a long way, so why not try this 30-day self-care challenge?

Most of these activities are simple and accessible to all, because it is important that everyone can practice self-care, no matter their personal circumstances. There are also some bonus tips if you have a bit more time or want to establish long-term habits. 

Challenge ideas:

1: Write a letter – less commitment than journaling, and serves a range of purposes (bonus: download ‘Slowly’) 

2: Tidy your room (bonus: rearrange your furniture for a ‘fresh’ feel) 

3: Buy and take care of a house plant 

4: Have a relaxing bath (bonus: make your own bath bombs) 

5: Call a friend for a catch up instead of texting 

6: Sit and listen to a podcast  

7: Have a meat-free meal day (bonus: learn a new vegetarian recipe) 

8: Do some colouring - there are lots of free printables online 

9: Establish a morning routine – make your bed, open the curtains etc. 

10: Go for a walk (bonus: go Geocaching in your area) 

11: Start saving towards a goal – enable ‘Save the Pennies' if you can 

12: Have a cuddle with a pet, loved one or cuddly toy 

13: Find an interesting TedTalk and tell a friend one thing you learned 

14: Take part in guided meditation (bonus: weekly yoga) 

15: Drink a glass of water when you wake up 

16: Start a new book, reading at your own pace (bonus: order books secondhand or try a ‘mystery book’)  

17: Take an online skills course to increase employability 

18: Have an early night (bonus: download ‘Sleeptown' for better sleeping habits) 

19: Draw, paint or doodle – let your imagination run wild (bonus: paint a plant pot) 

20: Do 30-minutes Zumba with a friend over Zoom 

21: Look in the mirror and list 5 things you love about yourself (bonus: make note of these as a reminder when you're feeling low) 

22: Buy or pick fresh flowers (bonus: press and frame them) 

23: Have a social media detox - log out, switch off notifications and spend the day productive 

24: Watch a feel-good film in your pyjamas (bonus: bake yourself a home cinema snack) 

25: Declutter your wardrobe (bonus: donate to clothing banks) 

26: Join classes to learn a new skill (bonus: invite a friend along if you're feeling nervous) 

27: Challenge yourself to a puzzle or a brainteaser – there are many different types out there

28: Make a meal from scratch (bonus: buy ingredients at a local market) 

29: Do something nice for someone else – tell them how much you care, make them a gift or offer a favour 

30: You made it! Treat yourself – be it a takeaway, a streaming subscription, a scented candle or something else, you deserve it!  

Feature Image: Pixabay @Wokandapix

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