Sex Education: Season 3 and its lessons in Relationships

The highly anticipated Sex Education Season 3 has arrived and once again, it educates us on relationships in more ways than one.

Gabbi De Boer
18th October 2021
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Whether you liked the new season or not, Sex Education - Season 3 is rich with lessons that many of us could apply to our relationships. Not only does the season touch on sensitive topics covered in previous seasons (such as Aimee’s bus encounter), it also emphasises the importance of being honest and true to yourself. 

It’s important to be comfortable with being vulnerable, and this is especially apparent in the storyline between Maeve and Isaac. Their intimate scene displays how necessary vulnerability can be in order to gain trust with one another. Relationships built on trust and acceptance can be those that are the strongest, and this scene especially highlights the intimacy that many lack through their fear of wearing their heart on their sleeve. Another great example of honesty in relationships is the exchange between Ola and Lily about their sex life. This is another fantastic display of openness, with both characters communicating about how external factors were affecting their relationship. 

In order for healthy relationships to flourish, an understanding and respect for boundaries is essential. Many of us could take a leaf out of Eric’s book and learn to walk away if our feelings aren’t being acknowledged.

Eric and Adam’s relationship is much more deeply explored in this season too. Eric is comfortable in his sexuality, and has begun to fully embrace this, whereas Adam is still coming to terms with his sexuality and learning how to express it. He shows it mostly through anger, as well as hiding his relationship from many close to him, and this upsets Eric to a point where he feels he can no longer continue. It is at this point Eric sets a boundary - that he doesn’t want to hide his relationship and feels that Adam’s use of anger to deal with his sexuality makes him uncomfortable. Boundaries can be hard to set and if people cross them it can create tension that isn’t needed. In order for healthy relationships to flourish, an understanding and respect for boundaries is essential. Many of us could take a leaf out of Eric’s book and learn to walk away if our feelings aren’t being acknowledged. One thing that can’t be ignored, though, is Eric’s mistake, but he is honest about it and with himself about the situation. Although it is a difficult thing to do, his courage to take responsibility for his actions is also something that many can learn from. Secrets can have a detrimental effect on relationships, so it’s better to avoid deception and just be straightforward in many situations. 

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We also see in this season whether or not differences can be set aside for those that you care about, and this takes shape in Jakob and Jean’s relationship. It is clear that they disagree on many fronts, however, they take it upon themselves to seek help in the form of a therapist. Jakob is sceptical; however, his willingness to talk over his emotions with both the therapist and Jean displays how he is prepared to put aside his differences to try and achieve something better. Their relationship dynamic is one that makes compromise without brushing off their own emotions, and demonstrates that they are willing to work on making something better rather than just throwing away the relationship entirely. Jean also understands that Jakob may not want to participate in the baby’s life and ultimately leaves the decision down to him, but it is the communication and openness between these characters that is the most important. Many people often struggle with compromise in relationships, and by creating this dynamic between characters, the show demonstrates how it can be beneficial.

This season delves into some very important topics, and it is through these beloved characters that many can see examples of how to be more comfortable in their own relationships, and recognise ways that they can improve them. Whether that be through healthy communication, boundaries, or honesty, the show covers many important topics we can all learn from. 

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