'Sexist jokes' prompts walk out

Sexist and racist jokes featured during after dinner speeches caused two tables to walk out

Cc Lee
25th May 2022
Kick Racism out of football - Flickr
The Scottish Football Writers' held a dinner the other night, Sunday 8th May 2022. During the after-dinner speeches, sexist and racists jokes cropped up and filled the room with laughter - yet two tables walked out as the jokes made were offensive and damaging to people present.

Whilst nothing has been said concerning who made the joke and what the joke detailed, BBC and Sky Sports reporter Eilidh Barber took to Twitter to display her how she had "never felt so unwelcome in the Industry." Eilidh and her table walked out when the comments were made and were followed by another table, despite the laughter coming from the rest of the room.

Gabriella Bennet, Co-Chair of the organisation Women in Journalism Scotland said in a tweet that she was in the room when "sexists and racists jokes were made by a key speaker." When speaking to BBC Radio Scotland she explained that her table followed Eilidh's table, leaving five minutes in to a twenty minute speech. She's also commented that by setting this precedent in the speeches, then this alters the way in which women are treated and spoken to in the work environment.

KickItOut and Women In Sport were notified of the sexist and racist comments made and are conducting an investigation into the details of what happened.

They've issued a joint statement saying that it is unacceptable that people have come forward to say they don't feel appreciated or safe in their workplace. They've also acknowledged how much more work needs to be done in order to make the work environment suitable for all. They have also noted their support for the people affected by the comments and will offer support in any way.

The Scottish Football Writer's Association issued a disappointing apology, stating they "apologise to anyone offended or upset by the material from one of our after-dinner speakers." The twitter account posted that they stand in solidarity with those who call out the sexist and racist behaviour in the industry. Personally, the response from the Scottish Football Writer's Association is adequate enough, and more should have been done to prevent this from happening in the first place.

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