Shakespeare North Playhouse stages Midsummer Night's Dream

A review of Shakespeare North Playhouses' Midsummer Night's Dream

Editorial Team
22nd November 2022
Nadine Shah as Titania image credit: Patch Dolan
Shakespeare North Playhouse brings Midsummer Night's Dream into a new Northern perspective. It explores Shakespearean language in all dialects across the North with the inclusion of BSL and representation of the Deaf community.

The stage, at the centre of the audience, encapsulates the physicality of a Shakespearian comedy. Actors constantly stomped, ran, and jumped up on the stage, running through audience seating and shouting across the theatre that at times I often forgot I had walked into a theatre to watch a production.

Of course, you cannot ignore the hilarity of Titania falling in love with an ass subsequently called Bottom, Midsummer Night's Dream, is at its core, a comedy play filled with mischievous anecdotes and physical comedy. However, this production of Midsummer Night's Dream really takes into account the dark Faerie elements of Shakespeare's play, experimenting with musical elements and contemporary dances. Puck, the centre of chaos remains in this comedic role but highlights the darker turns of the play, and the influence of the Fae on the human world. The general production and thought process of this play are ones to be highly commended.

This Shakespearean company is, I admit, one of the best companies I've seen approach a Shakespeare play and I'd be happy to see anything else they do in the future.

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