Should buses to uni be free?

Comment editor Joe Molander questions whether our university is behind when it comes to supporting commuting students.

Joe Molander
23rd October 2019
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Northumbria University offer their students free bus travel between their two campuses.

In browsing their website (a risky thing to do around Newcastle students, seeing as it opens up the floodgates to some very funny, and not at all elitist, jokes about how not all people go to a university as good as them) reveals they're also piloting a free coach scheme to their open days from cities across the North. Despite what the snobs say, it's easy to be jealous of Northumbria, and worse, you can't even call them out for environmental irresponsibility. On top of advocating for public transport, the university also have a raft of policies to encourage cycling, and have an Environmental Sustainability Policy pledging a reduction in water use and waste.

Newcastle University are trying to play catch-up: they recently secured free bus travel from St Mary's to key points closer to the centre of Newcastle, which will last until next June, and have announced the creation of a new Commuting Officer, who deserves a chance to at least be elected and enact policies before being judged. Given the university's recalcitrance in divesting from oil and gas and their sclerosis in creating this new office, though, one would be forgiven for thinking Newcastle aren't particularly green or effective when advancing the interests of commuting students.


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AUTHOR: Joe Molander
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