Should the World have a 'Top Cop'?

Do powerful nations have a responsibility to intervene in foreign affairs? One writer dissects

Aritraa Dhar
9th December 2022
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Since 2006, UNHRC is well known international body to deal with the matters related to the Human Rights violations throughout the world. Perhaps, it has been noticed that after one and half decades there has not been any change in the real situations where there was a conflict from ages. There have been situations where the actions of UNHRC resulted nothing except loss of funds to support the conflicted areas. Article 2 (4) of the United Nations Charter "the UN Charter" expressly prohibits the threat or use of force against a state's territorial integrity or political independence, and Article 2 (3) requires that all interstate disputes be settled through "peaceful means."

Regrettably, the UN Security Council does not frequently authorize the use of military force to maintain or restore international peace and order. The customary rule of international law that it is illegal for one state to use force against another is codified in Article 2(4) of the UN Charter.  Well, it can be observed that the Nations with stability in both military & economic aspects tends to intervene the foreign affairs of other nations where there is a violation of Human Rights, predominantly.

To maintain the peace & stability in every corner of the world it is important that the government of every nation should provide the basic Human Rights and its prospects within its domestic borders but in some cases, it has been a contrary as the elected authority choose to violate the rights of the commons without any legitimate cause and that further can lead to the global instability. Hence, it is the moral duty to the global leaders and the powerful countries to take a step ahead and ensure human rights are well maintained in the conflict zones. Countries like USA, UK, France is well aware of every situation prevailing throughout the globe so being a democratic nation who can understand the value of people’s right should not only intervene but also take the responsibility to change the situation of violations that are happening worldwide.

Hence, it is the moral duty to the global leaders and the powerful countries to take a step ahead and ensure human rights are well maintained in the conflict zones.

Every nation has its own sovereignty but when the questions arise about basic human rights violations like abductions, arbitrary arrests, political executions then it should be the time for the powerful nations to take actions for stabilizing the zone. They have sufficient funds along with military presence in mostly every corner so it will be an easier for them to take control over the situation rather than any non-state actors.

In recent pasts we have seen that the west along with US leading the mission tried to maintain peace in the middle east which is although a positive step and now the situation is comparatively better but it’s the duty of all to take part or rather intervene in the foreign affairs where there is a continuous violations resulting to loss of peace & harmony of a certain area.

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