Shows that you wouldn't want to watch with your parents

These writers survived second hand embarrassment to tell you what shows to avoid on family night

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19th August 2020
There are shows we love, but sometimes we don't want to show them to our loved ones. We all know that sinking feeling when we turn on the TV and a sex scene comes on whilst we're watching something with family. So, our writers chose shows that they would not want to watch with their parents, for all of our sakes.


The adult animation genre in general is definitely one I'd steer clear of if I was watching TV with my parents. Archer, whilst being one of my favourite shows of that type, fits this description exactly.

The show revolves around secret agent Sterling Archer, who works for a spy corporation called ISIS- it gets worse- and heads on sex-filled globetrotting adventures. Archer's boss is his Mother who has a graphic ongoing affair with the head of the KGB, which leads to multiple scenes where they video call to perform their *ahem* shenanigans.

Dr Krieger, ISIS' scientist is also hilarious with his anime fianceé who exists through a projector

Credit: Youtube, Ty M

The show is also full of hysterical stereotypes, such as the KBG character's whose accents are as dodgy as their dealings. Dr Krieger, ISIS' scientist is also hilarious with his anime fianceé who exists through a projector and his questionable lineage. The Doctor is eventually replaced by a clone in ridiculous circumstances, which becomes a running joke that only the viewers know about.

Archer also takes a highly conceptual rout for many of its series, going from modern-day Polynesian pirate adventures to Hollywood, all fresh with their own sets of obscenities. For example, Archer's time as a pirate overlord is rife with gloriously inappropriate moments.

I think I'll be sticking to Bond and Bourne whilst watching with my parents from now on.

Dominic Lee

Orange is The New Black

In Orange is The New Black's prime, my mum was very interested in the show because everyone was talking about it, and she knew that I enjoyed it. Needless to say, once she started to watch it I'd frequently walk into our living room to find a graphic sex scene.

I really, really don't want to see a character get eaten out next to my mum

Whilst we watched it separately and talked about it, I would rather die than watch that show with my mum. The concept of the show itself is fine, and although it's clearly dramatised, it deals with real problems within the justice system that more people need to know about. However, there are definitely some moments where you'd want to evaporate from your seat if you watched it with your parents.

Credit: IMDb, 2014 Netflix

I really, really don't want to see a character get eaten out next to my mum. Or see a bloody tampon sandwich. Or someone being forced to eat a baby mouse. Or watch already-uncomfortable sexual assault scenes. The list goes on, the show can be pretty graphic. So to then see my quite wholesome mum watching someone having intense shower sex whilst she's eating a slice of toast is quite unnerving, especially with surround sound on.

Needless to say, I'd much rather hide in my room and brandish my eyes with Holy water for both of our sakes. The show is really good, but there are just some boundaries that need to be established, and that's one I don't want to cross.

Sophie Hicks


Being stuck in the house for what feels like forever chances are you will have had to bite the bullet and go socialise with your family. And what better way of socialising than watching a TV show together in complete silence. I thought it would be great to recommend Fleabag for us all to watch as I'd heard good things from friends and it had won a bunch of awards. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Credit: IMDb

We got through about two episodes before I had to crawl my way out of the room unsure if I'd ever fully recover. Don't get me wrong, I actually quite enjoyed the episodes I watched, there were some funny scenes and I could see why people liked it but this is certainly one of the worst shows you could watch with your parents.

Watching a Barack Obama inspired masturbation with my family is certainly at the bottom of moments I want to relive.

From the opening, we are greeted with a less than welcome sex scene with one too many references to anal. In my naivety, I thought "hey it might just be this one scene, get through this and it will be smooth sailing". Again, I was wrong. Two episodes, a Barack Obama masturbation scene (something I very much I hadn't seen), and several tons of embarrassment later I was thankfully saved and we turned the show off.

I am yet to try watching it again but when I do, it will be nowhere near my parents.

George Bell


I’ve watched quite a few awkward TV shows with my parents. These include Game of Thrones; True Blood; Normal People. So now that I’ve finally got around to watching Misfits, I’m so glad I’m watching this without my mam and dad for company.

You probably remember seeing the adverts for this on E4 years ago. I distinctly remember seeing the five leads in their orange community service jumpsuits, dealing with their newfound powers. But the show seemed to be aimed at a more adult audience despite having a young cast, and because I was only about 11 when the show was released, I never bothered with it.

No one wants to see Robert Sheehan having sex with an 82-year-old woman

Credit: IMDb

It's safe to say the series is filled with awkward storylines and encounters, most notably being Alisha’s power to evoke sexual arousal in anyone she touches. What makes it uncomfortable is that she is almost raped multiple times, and she uses it herself to sleep with Curtis against his will. Another notable moment has to be with Nathan and the old woman. After the effects of the storm makes her appear as her younger self, Nathan pursues her without knowing her true age. Long story short, no one wants to see Robert Sheehan having sex with an 82-year-old woman. Not only is that disturbing image seared into my brain, that would be so cringey to watch with my parents. 

Don’t get me wrong, Misfits is actually really funny, but its sexual content can at times be either really awkward or completely disgusting. If you’re going to watch this, watch it with anyone but your parents.

Kate Dunkerton

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