Silly Billies' Surreal Comedy Experience

Want originality and pure lunacy? Come to 'Silly Billies' guys - they're absolutely mental.

9th November 2015

Silly Billies is a monthly event at the Live Theatre, the next performance will be Sunday 29th November.

   The regular slot leads to it having a regular and loyal audience. Thankfully, the subsequent camaraderie did not include ‘in jokes’, which never fail to alienate a newcomer like myself. Indeed, Silly Billies seem to spurn repetition and make originality their life-blood, I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it before. They didn’t avoid all the dreaded clichés of comedy however, I think I’ve seen ten too many ‘lad’ sketches for a lifetime. Silly Billies’ attempt didn’t even rival my group of friends doing ‘lad’ impressions in the pub. Though, I might just not get it as I couldn’t help thinking ‘What a waste of food!’ when they were flinging around cooked spaghetti and cradling a raw chicken.

'Silly Billies seem to spurn repetition and make originality their life-blood'

   Some of the audience absolutely loved it. I’m not entirely sure if it’s not due to their blood-alcohol level… but loudness, laughter and fun is always a good sign. I was mainly smiling and laughing throughout, and maintaining a loyal audience is a definite achievement. They proudly state: ‘we’re not for everyone’ by happily thanking people for staying this long and for not scaring us off. I won’t lie, some of the acts were disconcerting, but I have a feeling that the entire point of the night was to keep us out of our comfort zones.

'Candy Gigi - I won’t forget her performance in a hurry'

   Candy Gigi in particular had me recoiling in horror and stifling giggles. Her act left no doubt that Silly Billies is an ‘Adults Only’ event with her explicit demonstrations with her inflatable sex-doll and then made a male audience member slow dance with it. She was certainly unique and I won’t forget her performance in a hurry. Gigi was a highlight of the night, contrasting with less interesting one-liner performances where some felt over-rehearsed. I love a good spontaneous one-liner, but after the tenth… I got rather bored and moody. I’ll finish off with a compliment to their use of videos, slideshows and photo shop - the effort was fantastically worth it.

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    1. That is such a shame, I'll be out of town that day. Hopefully some students will be here over the holidays to see it.

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