Single Review: BUSHROD - Doing Ok

Amelia Thorpe reviews the latest track from Brixton-based soloist BUSHROD.

Amelia Neri
3rd December 2020
Brixton-based soloist BUSHROD candidly opens up about the realities of lockdown on the jazzy alternative hip-hop number ‘Doing OK’. The introspective track, released on November 13th, sees the rising alternative rapper open up about losing his job during the national lockdown.

There is no denying that the (almost year-long) lockdown has affected us all in one way or another. Although some of us have been struggling recently, it is part of British culture to always keep a stiff upper lip. In this autobiographical song, BUSHROD admits to telling his friends that everything was fine at work despite being made redundant to avoid the hassle. “I felt quite isolated but made out I was totally fine.” He explained. “I think it’s so ingrained in British culture that when someone asks how you’re doing, you just reply ‘yeah, I’m great thanks’ even if you’re not.”

In contrast to the gritty lyrical content, the innovative soloist peppers his track with smooth, funky guitar riffs and a beat that’ll definitely get your head bouncing. ‘Doing Ok’ is the perfect song to switch-off and vibe-out to after a stressful day.

Funny story actually, I originally found BUSHROD through @depopdrama on Instagram as I noticed he was promoting his music via his Depop sales, which I thought was fantastic. This led to me listening to ‘Doing Ok’, and finding a single that is completely unique to the UK’s alt hip-hop scene, and one that I’m genuinely happy I found.

The ironically titled single is the artist’s first offering since he released his sophomore mix-tape, Twentyhood, back in March. Having already supported chart-topping rapper Professor Green, as well as having collaborated with leading brands such as Barbour, Penguin, Stussy and Lyle & Scott, BUSHROD is going nowhere and he reveals that he has big plans for the future. Whether it is an album, a tour or an EP, I am excited to see what the up and coming rapper has in store for the hip-hop scene in the months to come.

Stream 'Doing Ok' on Soundcloud.

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