So ... It's Christmas

With Christmas approaching fast here are some quirky ways to celebrate Christmas in your own way!

Cc Lee
1st December 2021
Tis finally the season to be merry and jovial! But who wants to just celebrate the festive season by watching Elf, when you could celebrate it by becoming Elf? But seriously, here are some unorthodox traditions that you could partake in this wonderful time of year.

You could wear a different Christmas outfit every day for the entirety of the build up to Christmas. Emphasis on every day (go big or go to the North Pole, people). Let me explain. Now, you don’t actually have to wear an elf costume (I’m not judging if you do), but what I mean by wearing an ‘outfit' is wearing a piece of (or multiple – again, I’m not judging) clothing that is related to Christmas. An obvious example would be a Christmas jumper. A perhaps more niche approach though, would be the addition of a Santa hat, or wearing tinsel – maybe even having some mistletoe – in your hair. You could even do your eye shadow a different festive theme each day? (Christmas Pudding, Holly etc.) If you have some earrings or a headband – maybe even a ring – this will do nicely to get you into the Christmas spirit.

If you have some earrings or a headband – maybe even a ring – this will do nicely to get you into the Christmas spirit.

Obviously everyone will be listening to Christmas songs, but what about a Christmas flash mob? (Now this is where the actual costumes come in to play) The theme could be “Winter Wonderland” – although it’s very overplayed. What about getting all your friends to learn choreography to rocking around the Christmas Tree – but I stead of having a real tree that you dance around, you are the tree! You could all be wearing green clothes (or go the extra mile and actually cover yourselves in pine leaves) and the dance could be centred around the tree. Please, please, please – can somebody organise this?

Image Credit: Pixabay, @JillWellington

Finally, as mentioned before there will be plenty of time to re-watch Elf (or, your favourite Christmas Movie of all time. Note: Die Hard is not a Christmas Movie). Why not, then, instead become Elf. Admittedly, this wouldn’t be very good if I told you to chop down trees in your local park and put them in your grotto; but, why not go to the store and sing? I.e., “I’m in a store, and I’m singing” need I go on? Now, a little warning. Do not, I repeat, do not go to your crushes house, knock on their door and when they answer have them tell their betrothed that it’s Carol singers. This is not the type of festive spirit anyone needs. And it will most likely break your heart – or be really very awkward.

Having said that, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! So enjoy it, oh and Merry Christmas!

Feature Image Credit: Pixabay, @TheoCrazzolara

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