So ... you fancy someone on your course?

Everyone's had a crush at some point, but when it's one of your coursemates, things can get complicated...

Cc Lee
2nd November 2021
Image from Pixabay @naassomz1
We’ve all been there. A huge crush on someone we have to see day in, day out can be tough, and just like the rom-coms, we cry in bed watching a sad film and eating ice cream. Just me?

We know how the films end, but how will this end? I don’t know, but rest assured, I’ve been there, done that. Here’s some (hopefully) helpful tips on how to survive your devastating heart ache.

If they’re in the same lecture as you, do not – I repeat do not – sit behind them. You are already hopelessly struggling, and I promise that staring at the back of their neck while your (very interesting) lecturer is talking will not help heal the wounds, and will probably mean you’ll be spending an hour at home recapping the lecture. Instead, sit in front of them. Out of sight, out of mind.

If it’s worth taking anywhere then try it, but don’t get hung up if you get ‘friend-zoned’

They could also be in your seminar. Which, if you follow the above advice, you’ll be fine. But if they’re in your study group, then, *clears throat*, brace yourself. Not only do you actually have to meet with them for an hour every week, you also have to talk to them. I know, torture. First off, there will be other people in your seminar group to talk to. (This does not mean, however, you should ignore them). But, if and when you get engaged (continue reading, don’t get stuck on this very misleading cliff-hanger) in a conversation with them, just be ready for a red face and some stuttering. Maybe, if you’re lucky, some cringey remarks. But these are all normal symptoms of falling head over heels for someone you’re attracted to.

Now, there are a few things (generally) to avoid doing if you have a crush, even if they aren’t on your course. Don’t run after them in the street, especially if you aren’t well acquainted (I know mutual friends do it in movies, but movies are fictional for a reason). Running after them would be weird at best, and creepy at worst. Make sure if you are going to risk losing your dignity, you’re somewhat good friends beforehand. Also, don’t try and find their number, and proceed to call them late at night (especially if you are just going to hang up if they answer).

Having said all of that, crushes are fun and exciting. If it’s worth taking anywhere then try it, but don’t get hung up if you get ‘friend-zoned’ – especially if they’re “Trash, trash, trash – not for you!”.

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