So ... you lost your phone on a night out

Whether this is your first phone faux pas, or you're currently on your fourth this year, it happens to everyone, so don’t beat yourself up about it!

Cc Lee
19th October 2021
Image from Pixabay @JESHOOTS-com
Picture this: you just woke up from a hefty night out. You reach for your phone on your bedside table – but oof – it’s not there.

Maybe you were so intoxicated that you left it in the uber? Did you drop it in the club? Oh wait, I know, you were the sober one looking after your drunk friend and you dropped it somewhere between the club and home. Or quite possibly, you have absolutely no clue about anything that happened last night and you swear it never left your pocket. This was after, of course, the fifth round of shots that you paid for (who even were those people you bought the yägers for?). Either way, it’s gone.

First things first, I’m glad it was your phone and not you who got lost. A phone is replaceable, you aren’t. I guess the most obvious plan of action would be to trace your last steps (i.e., call the clubs/pubs you were at to see if any nice human turned it in. Alternatively, you could message the uber to see if you left it on the seat). The next thing you’d need to do is let your parents (or guardian) know what’s happened. Ask a much more organised friend if you could borrow their phone (oh, so I guess, this doesn’t happen to everyone?). Call home and then your broadband provider to see if you can get a new, and possibly better one (the only good thing to come out of this is getting your hands on the latest iphone model, and no, this post is not in any way sponsored). As it wasn’t stolen though, you will most likely have to fund the replacement yourself. (Not all hope is lost, bear with me).

If you have a laptop your life will be a bit easier, but if not, the library is your new best friend.

So, having said all of the above, how are you going to keep up to date with your social life now? *coughs* I mean Uni work. Luckily, there’s s3p which you can access your timetable on, and of course canvas is online as well. If you have a laptop your life will be a bit easier, but if not, the library is your new best friend (but it always was, wasn’t it?).

So, now that you’ve done all you can with university, how on earth are you going to keep up with socials? Download Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp onto your laptop (can you imagine how hard life would be without a phone AND a laptop? Good going). Brace yourself for the atrocious camera quality on Snapchat, and let’s hope you saved every photo on there too, because if you’ve lost your sim card that had all your photos on, you’ve basically hit rock bottom.  

So, what is the conclusion of this article? Is there a moral to this story? Perhaps, but maybe just in the sense that it’s something you won’t be doing again.

Drink responsibly.

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