So...your flatmates are sleeping together

Flat-cest can only go one of two ways...

Cc Lee
9th November 2021
Image from Pixabay @sasint
So no one told you uni was gonna be this way? Your life’s a joke, you're really broke, and flat-cest is real.

Firstly, there’s a few things that we should clear up. There are (obviously) different scenarios that could play out in this situation, but the most common two are: The couple involved are open about the situation, and everyone is as happy as Larry, or, everyone knows but those involved think it’s still a secret. In essence, they don’t know that we know they know that we know. It’s complicated to say the least.

To start, get ready for your poker face. In the case that they don’t know you know, it’s going to be hard not to crack up every time that you see them together. Plus, as this progresses (and it will) you’ll most likely notice a collision of their whereabouts (Oh, you were both taking a nap? At the same time? For the same length? No, not at all suspicious). But I cannot stress enough, POKER FACE ! Do not be bait, they can’t know that you know.

Do not be bait, they can’t know that you know.

For both instances, be prepared for the awkwardness. If they are out in the open, then it will most likely be a case of them not even trying to hide it. The details could get juicy, and as it’s under the same roof it might give you the 'ick'. Now, if it’s the latter situation, then I’ll be praying for you. Please, whatever you do, do not stand outside their door listening to the conversation. It’s not going to be a pretty and it may even get so awkward that you can’t stand to be in the same room as them. But hey, thank god for everyone else.

Lastly, if they're open about the situation, then brace yourself for incessant amounts of PDA. What do you mean you don’t like watching two people kissing and hugging, whilst you’re all trying to watch Insidious 2?

So, last thoughts? I wish you all the best, it will be very cringey, but let’s not even think what will happen if they break up (did I speak too soon?)

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