So ... You're driving home for Christmas

Which songs, books, and films can get you into the spirit this Christmas?

Cc Lee
19th December 2021
Travelling during the holidays can be long and boring, what with the dark mornings and cold evenings – especially when you’re driving home for Christmas, and you can’t wait to see their faces and there’s red lights all around. Now here’s a few underground (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) Christmas films and tunes to keep you going on your long journey home (or anywhere for that matter) during the Christmas as period.

The first song to get you in the festive mood, “I want you back" by The Jackson 5. Bear with me, do you remember a little film called Nativity? Well, when Mr Poppy comes in to do his warm up for the children, this is the song he uses. So of course – if you watch the film year in year out – this one will make you feel all festive inside. You could even learn the dance on the train - sat down obviously, (whilst the train is moving) I wouldn’t want to encourage behaviour that could get you injured, (but when the vehicle is stationary, dance around all you like, jump for all I care).

Another song, along the lines of the Nativity, is “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas” by Luther Vandross. It gives the feels of being the main character (oops, but you already are – aren’t you?) This could be followed by a nice upbeat Britney song: “My Only Wish (This Year)” it will make you bop along to the beat and you won’t be able to help yourself from singing underneath your mask (just me?). Of course you could listen to “All I Want for Christmas” By Mariah, or “Step Into Christmas” By Elton, but the only real question that I want to know is which Bandaid will you be listening to? Personally, the only one I will be listening to is the 1984 version – so what’s your preference?

Now; films. There is much debate around what is the perfect holiday film, is it “The Holiday", “The Grinch"(if so, which one?) “Arthur Christmas"? But the one that will get you through, make you feel so much Christmas cheer, you’ll want to sing loud for all to hear, is Elf! Perhaps Will Ferrel's most underground – but iconic – role, as Buddy. If this doesn’t pass the time, then I don’t know what will.

Maybe, you’re not a film or music lover – perhaps your only love will be books. Then let me recommend some easy reading for your journey home. “Little Women" is definitely a cosy book to read on the train, it’s heart warming and generally just a feel good book. Also, Jane Austen’s “Emma" is a book not too taxing for a train or bus, whilst not explicitly set during Christmas it feels festive.

Well, hopefully this makes your journey a little less arduous but if not there’s always much University work to be done instead – but you’ve already done that, haven’t you? Now, make sure to pay attention to the announcement during the trip otherwise you might miss your stop (easily done when watching great Christmas films).
Oh, and Merry Christmas ?

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