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Alexandra Sadler
20th March 2017
Comment's home of rants: weird, wonderful, weekly.

by Alexandra Sadler

Diabetes. It’s a condition that’s in the media a lot today, usually linked to rising obesity rates and the cost of the NHS.

However, labelling diabetes as one condition is not only annoying, but also incorrect. There’s numerous different types of diabetes, and many people have diabetes reasons other than diet and exercise. For example, I have type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetics do not produce insulin, the hormone that regulates level of glucose in the bloodstream. It’s an autoimmune disease, I’ve had it since I was 5 and there’s nothing I, or anyone else, could have done to prevent it. Perpetuating negative stereotypes doesn’t help anyone, and can lead to deep rooted feelings of guilt or shame, which isn’t conducive to helping treat or manage a chronic condition. Why should I feel guilty for something that I didn’t ask for and couldn’t prevent? The worst part about diabetes isn’t necessarily the stereotypes, but next time you joke about cake causing diabetes, just remember that there’s a person behind the harmful misrepresentations.

by Jack Oliver Parker

Diesel, the purple stuff, we students love it. But, trouble is brewing, the trouble is, some of the staff in Mensbar can’t make diesel properly.

As I sit here, in Mensbar, writing this soapbox, I am sat with a pint of correctly made diesel. “Jack, you’re just being a pedant!” I hear you say. Wrong. Wait tiI I tell you how I’ve seen it made. Fosters first, then half a Strongbow, finished with a mere DRIBBLE of blackcurrant cordial. Disgusting. Absolutely shameful. I bet you’ve just recoiled in horror upon learning that someone put the cordial in last, resulting in said cordial not mixing correctly. Sure, I could get a straw and mix my own drink, but that’s not the point, one of our most treasured institutions is being put at risk by sloppy craftsmanship. I prefer a generous dash of cordial, followed by half a Strongbow and the half a Fosters. Perfect every time. You may think I’m being particular, but I just want to enjoy a fine pint of diesel, that’s all.

by Jordan Oloman

Two types of Music Snobs. There’s the talent rejecters who look at highly successful artists like Michael Jackson and The Beatles and claim they’re overrated.

This I can’t understand. Obviously, it gives your ego a little tug, but what’s to gain from claiming that a successful artist was ‘always crap’. Please look me straight in the face and tell me Billie Jean has never made your legs jive. That shits impossible. Type 2 are the genre hoarders. Being agnostic towards rap or pop doesn’t make you a hero. Variety is the spice of life, and your chicken needs some seasoning!


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