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Megan McManus
30th April 2018
Comment's home of rants: weird, wonderful, weekly.

Dealing With Death

If there is one thing that I cannot reconcile myself with in modern society, it is the fact that a court of law in 56 of the world’s 195 countries can legally condemn a person to die. Is it not a sick, ironic twist that the same courts that condemn murder condone it themselves, if only the word itself is hidden under a thinly-veiled death warrant?

In a futile attempt to solve the societal issues that create ‘murderers’ in the first place, the system only adds to the problem. To me, condemning a person to die is not only an atrocious abuse of human vulnerability, but a coward’s way out.

What is needed is thorough and thoughtful consideration of why crimes deemed to be punishable by death are committed in the first place, and a tackling of these issues before they grow. Brute force and the abruptness of death feeds the problem. Understanding, mercy and grace are what will starve it.

Megan McManus

Baby Fever

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, no doubt you’ll have heard that there’s a new addition to the Royal Household: Kate & Will’s baby son. His birth has been the focus of not only excessive media attention, but also of those Royal fans who have been camping outside the famous Lindo Wing for the past couple of weeks.

I’m no Royalist, so naturally I struggle to relate to any excitement regarding a Royal birth, but I really can’t see the appeal of sleeping on a bench for two weeks awaiting this announcement. Yes, the kid might have a unique birthright, but millions of children are born everyday: why is this child so radically different? You wouldn’t camp outside a hospital to await the birth of a niece or nephew; instead, you’d simply go about your daily life.

The Royals are apparently so emblematic of Britain that as a country we are expected to revel in this frenzy of media-created excitement. Yet, what it all boils down to is pointless patriotism, and the upholding of centuries of tradition that is now so obviously outdated. Congrats to Kate and William, but I’ll reserve my excitement for things actually affecting my own life, thanks.

Caitlin Disken

Road Rage

I’d like to start this rant off by clarifying that, as a driver, I’m no Sebastian Vettel or Lewis Hamilton. However, I still like to think that I’m a reasonably safe driver, albeit a relatively slow one (I place the blame solely on my black box).

I’m usually a pretty chill driver, happy to play some music and drive along. But there is one thing that does really annoy me. One thing that happens time and time again. People who don’t, for whatever reason, indicate until they’ve made their turn, if at all. The purpose of an indicator is pretty to clear, to indicate. So why do some people refuse to use them? Oh thank you sooo much for indicating 0.1seconds AFTER you’ve made your turn, really helpful.

Sarcasm aside, there’s a reason cars have indicators, please use them.

Alexandra Sadler

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