Societies. Are they worth joining?

One of our writers discusses the reality of societies.

Hannah Ross
4th March 2022
Should you join a society? Image credit: Newcastle University Students' Union.
Many societies this year have seen memberships dwindle in the first year back in person since Covid. This begs the question: are societies worth joining at university? I am here to tell you yes! After three years at university, trialling a range of different societies, I can confidently say there is something for everyone.  

Societies are a fantastic way to meet new people, whether they be from your course at a subject society, who put on socials and balls so you can catch up outside of the lecture hall, or meet people from other courses who have a shared interest! Because there is no monetary incentive from those running societies, plus the university giving grants out for memberships and special events, they are also a wonderful way to pursue an interest in a cheap way. This may be something you wanted to continue from previous experience, or an opportunity to try something new – a venture that would normally be less available to start from scratch as an adult. Of course, there are the classic sports societies, debate society, music etc, but there are societies to cater towards everyone's niche, such as: anime, figure skating, photography, and even a brewing society. 

There are also plenty of societies that run a variety of fun and creative socials. Sports societies – especially rugby – like to go hardcore on the dress-up! They are always the most iconic to see on the night scene – there is no mistaking them! 

Overall, I absolutely recommend getting involved in societies. They are a great social tool, especially when you are new to campus and still trying to meet people. It's a way to have fun and an effective distraction from uni work – particularly when it starts getting a little intense in later years! 

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