Songs to Shag To

Take a look at which songs our writers chose to go into The Courier's own sex playlist.

Carly Horne
14th February 2023

Our writers compile the ultimate sex playlist for you to enjoy at your own free will.

'Sexual Healing' by Marvin Gaye

Credit: YouTube

Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" (1982) is not only a double Grammy-winning single, but has also been described as "the sexiest song ever". While research suggests 119 bpm is the average tempo one should consider playing during sex, Marvin Gaye's classic is not to be discounted for its slower tempo.

~ Carly Horne

'Just the Two of Us' by Grover Washington, Jr. (Feat. Bill Withers)

Credit: YouTube

This song is a must for lovers of monogamous sex. The lyrics perfectly describe the mood and set the tone for the evening. The 7-minute version includes a whole lot of sexy jazz instrumentals. Not only does this create harmonic and rhythmic tensions. it also gives you a lot of time to not be distracted by the lyrics!

~ Meg Howe

'Fangs' by Matt Champion

Credit: YouTube

The go-to classic sexy song for survivors of the BROCKHAMPTON era, with deep, sultry vocals covering transcendent instrumentals. An all-round evocative listening experience to accentuate the mood for an all-round provocative sexual experience 😉

~ ZH

'Like a Tattoo' by Sade

Credit: YouTube

This 1992 hit perfectly encapsulates what it means to ‘make love’. With a sensual, yet provocative look at the one you love, Sade delves into what it’s like to reveal the shame you feel closest to; an emotive ballad, symbolising an otherwise raw feeling.

~ Olivia Crowley

'Bangarang' by Skrillex

Credit: YouTube

It has ‘Bang’ in the name.

Shout to all my lost boys as electronic music is sadly almost never included in the list of good songs to have sex to, this writer hopes to rectify this.

Bangarang is a dance hall classic, that should not be restricted to just the DJ booth. Imagine the hard bassline deafening your eardrums as you and your partner(s) successfully explore each other’s sexhood. Frankly, putting on Bangarang by the American DJ don ‘Skrillex’ will not only elevate your sex life – it will change it so radically that you’ll never want to go back.

Trust me, next time you’re ‘getting jiggy with it’ turn this on and watch your partner’s face light up as they slowly realise what they’re about to experience.

~ Ross Bennett

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