Sonic 2 x Microsoft: New furry controller announced

Sub-editors Castor Chan and George Bell debate the appeal of the furry Sonic 2 Xbox controller.

Editorial Team
27th March 2022
Images: SEGA and Paramount Pictures
SEGA and Microsoft recently announced that they would be collaborating to produce themed Xbox gear to promote the upcoming Sonic 2. In addition to the themed console, they also announced that their controllers would be growing their hair out. Is this a furst place controller, or should it hide away?

Sonic 2 x Microsoft: Fur-get about it

Gamers holding the furry controllers.
Image: SEGA

When I first became aware of this monstrosity (it’s got fur, I’d say that’s apt?) all I could do was read in shock. They have been described to have “textured coatings reminiscent of the ‘bristly’ texture of hedgehogs in the wild,” and honestly I’d rather pet an actual hedgehog.

The red, Knuckles-themed controller.
Image: SEGA

Displayed next to your similarly Sonic-themed (and much more palatable) console, they will certainly turn heads, but those heads will soon turn tail at the thought of actually using one. Sure, you’ll argue that “oh, it’s just cushioning for your hands as you play!", but I'll hedge my bets by saying that I'm not sure I'll fall in love with them until I touch one. Just imagine how hot and uncomfortable that plasticky-looking artificial fur will soon be, and how does one even go about cleaning it?

I suppose people do say that there is no such thing as bad publicity, but this is a bold step. If I were to immerse myself into the Sonic experience I think I’ll ‘Go fast’ away from these controllers and stick to the movie instead.

- Castor Chan

Sonic 2 x Microsoft: A beautiful creation

Sonic fighting Knuckles.
Image: Paramount Pictures

To quote the one and only Queen B, “If you like it you should have put a ring on it” and it seems Microsoft took that mentality to the extreme, giving birth to something truly magnificent.

the controllers should have been covered in spiky quills rather than soft fur

The custom Xbox Series S to celebrate the release of 2023 Academy Award contender Sonic 2 may at first glance inspire thoughts of horror and disgust but you cannot deny how unique it is. From its ring adorned chassis to soft and distinctive controllers, there is truly no other console like it and a dream come true for any die-hard sonic fan, or anyone who can appreciate true art.  

Sure, the controllers’ fur may be a controversial choice but you can bet that they’ll be very comfy to hold in those long gaming sessions, just avoid wotsits at all cost. No need to worry about picking up a cold, clunky controller when you can be enjoying the sweet embrace of Knuckles. 

My only real complaint with these beautiful creations is that with Sonic and Knuckles being a hedgehog and echidna respectively, the controllers should have been covered in spiky quills rather than soft fur. An ergonomic disaster certainly, but true fans would have appreciated the commitment to the lore.

- George Bell

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