Sorry fashion - it's not you it's me

Rommie Pintatham examines the changes in her feelings towards clothing since quarantine gripped the world

Rommie Pintatham
29th May 2020
Image Source: @timmossholder on Unsplash
Let’s be honest, since the whole world went into quarantine, the majority of us hailed the idea of living in our pyjamas or our sweats for several weeks on end.

The idea of not having to worry about what other people saw when I walked out of the house was somewhat comforting. It can then be said that my opinion on fashion has shifted drastically while being in isolation.

Don’t get me wrong, comfortable clothes are always what I go for on a daily basis, but after spending about 9 weeks in loungewear I’d find any excuse to dress up a little bit- even if it’s just to go grocery shopping.

The process of having to plan an outfit, colour coordinate and accessorize somehow makes things seem a little bit more normal; therapeutic if you will. It gives me something to look forward to and gives the day a little more structure compared to just wearing what I wore to sleep the previous night.

DIY fashion has also surprisingly, become another interest I’ve gained since being in quarantine. Since shopping has been put on hold for a while, I find that remaking new clothing items can also be a way to add to your closet. It’s also quite sustainable as well as you’re upcycling things you don’t wear anymore. It also gives me a project to do every day and, by the time lockdown is lifted and things start returning to normal, I’ll basically have an entirely new wardrobe to wear without having spent that much money at all.

I’ve also started looking at fashion from independent stores and smaller businesses during this time. Not only has this helped me support these businesses during this time but it also has helped me find new stores I can go to in the future. As their clothes are also not mass-produced as most brands we find in shopping centres,  items I buy from them are slightly more unique and sometimes, even customizable as some stores make their clothing to order. As a result, my new clothes fit me better than ever before as they’re more catered to my size and body type. Additionally, these independent stores, in turn, are receiving the support they need to keep their business running during the pandemic.

Image Source: @timmossholder on Unsplash

My feelings towards fashion have undoubtedly changed whilst in isolation. Not only because I’ve become more inclined to support small businesses and independent designers but merely that I never knew how much effort I would put into planning an outfit before. It is nice to be able to have this much time in my pyjamas but when this is all over, excuse me for going to my classes in an outfit straight out of a 90’s chick flick.

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