Spider-Man: No Way Home Receives Full Trailer

Does the highly anticipated release of the new Spiderman trailer live up to the hype?

Mitchell Hall
1st December 2021
Image Credit: IMDB
The next film in the timeline of Spider-Man releases, set for release in mid-December, has been given its full trailer this week. The clip reveals much about the cast and plot line but leaves many of the community’s biggest questions unanswered.

The much anticipated third standalone Tom Holland Spider-Man entry has been the subject of speculation since leaks took hold of the public consciousness months ago. A teaser trailer gave hints at many details that the new trailer builds upon. Perhaps most significant in the trailer are the numerous previous villains from the series that are confirmed to be making appearances. 

fans ran away with the idea that we could see Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s interpretations of Spider-Man come into the world to aid in the fight

Alfred Molina, Willem Dafoe and Jamie Foxx are seen to be reprising their roles as Doc Ock, Green Goblin and Electro respectively. Sandman and The Lizard are also shown in the trailer, though it cannot be determined for sure whether they will be reprised by their previous actors. Whilst most villains have been given their original costumes, Electro is sporting a new look involving a suit with yellow rather than blue bolts of energy, unsurprising given the public reaction to Jamie Foxx’s original character.

It seems from the trailer that Spider-Man ally Dr Strange will play a significant role in the film, with Peter Parker’s friends Ned and MJ also featuring heavily. Interestingly it featured a conversation between the three and Doc Ock, suggesting his fury subsides after discovering that this is an entirely different Peter or that he is captured by the heroes fairly early on. Both of these hint at a somewhat subversive series of events compared to the all-out brawl that some may have expected.

Will Zendaya's MJ suffer the same fate as Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy? Image credit: Marvel Entertainment on YouTube

There is, of course, the elephant in the room, a question that is yet to be addressed by the promotional material but one that is still at the forefront of discussion regarding the film. What about the other Spider-Men? With Villains from alternate universes invading the world of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, fans ran away with the idea that we could see Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s interpretations of Spider-Man come into the world to aid in the fight. There have been no indications still that these characters will feature, but fans will not be put off, hoping that such a reveal would logically be saved until just before release to give the film a boost in attention when it matters.

Video Credit: Screen Culture
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