Spooky Season Feature: Cursed Flash Game Nightmare!

The internet can house some spooky secrets and unsolved mysteries. Kefan Chen takes a deep dive into the impact one creepy Flash Game, hidden within a popular social media site, had on a generation of Chinese students...

Kefan Chen
13th October 2021
Image- Baidu
Dr.Stanley’s House (or The Doctors House), my childhood nightmare, was a Flash game that came out ten years ago when Chinese students were crazy about a social media app called "QQ Zone". Like opening a secret door, this game was quietly hidden within it.

The story begins with a detective receiving an invitation from Dr. Stanley to go to his house to help solve puzzles and find out the murderer. The first version of Dr. Stanley's House was created in 2005. Its author "Duke of Snowy Night", formerly known as James.Li, is also the inspiration for the game's protagonist, Detective James. He used to be the technical manager of the Adobe platform, so he is quite skilled in Flash technology.

Not to mention the eyes watching you from behind the curtains

The thrilling atmosphere was delivered by creepy background music and the dark rooms it is set in. Not to mention the eyes watching you from behind the curtains, and the suspense filled plot twists.

When I was a child, I grew up with fairy tales which justice would always come, and the evil ones would always get punished. There would always be a happy ending. However, in this game, so many misleading clues will eventually lead you to kill the wrong person. Justice is so easily twisted by our own choices. As a child, it was too heavy a burden for me to accept the truth and shoulder the responsibility of killing the beloved professor.

 The clues in this game are pretty obvious, which makes the puzzle not that difficult to solve. So the claim from the game's sponsor of "there are less than 4,000 people in the world who can get out of the house" is obviously not true, but it does increases the game experience to certain extent.

Image freegamesnews

In 2011, Doctor's House 2 gave the players a second chance to travel through time with the protagonist to rewrite the ending. Since then, the Doctor's House series has spread to foreign countries and gained many overseas fans.

Even it is a very scary game to me as a child, it still gave me a second chance to start a new chapter and that’s exactly what life has taught me. No matter what your past is, you can still have a brighter future.

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