Spooky Season Feature: What's Your Favourite Scary Video Game?

Looking forward to some thrills and chills this Halloween? William Allender has the perfect game to give you your horror fix...

William Allender
15th October 2021
Image: Amazon
With the first year of university over I was faced with an abundance of spare time that became my personal challenge to fill. I logged onto my PlayStation account and spent the last dregs of my student loan on a game I had always been too scared to play. The Evil Within.

The story begins during the investigation of a cruel murder when protagonist Sebastian Castellanos is knocked unconscious by an evil force. He awakens within a nightmarish world plagued with deranged creatures. I immediately fell in love with the game, hence why I’ve chosen it as my favourite game to play at Halloween. For me it was the perfect horror experience, balancing atmospheric gameplay, intense combat and terrifying sequences whilst remaining impressively story driven.

image: SFMlab

The Evil Within is directed by Shinji Mikami who is a master of third-person survival horror, having created the incredibly popular Resident Evil series. I can assure that any fan of the Resident Evil franchise is sure to enjoy this game. The game was released in 2014 with stunning graphics that can live up to any game released nowadays. This gave me the true horror experience as I found myself sucked into a nightmarish world packed full of horrific creatures and mind-bending locations.

I found the protagonist Sebastian Castellanos an interesting character to play as I explored and battled my way through the unique level designs. I found The Evil Within such a fresh and welcoming take on the horror game genre and urge any player to give it a go. Especially over Halloween!  

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