Spooky Season Feature: Zombies? Now in Virtual Reality

How does the world of Horror manifest in Virtual Reality? Kefan (Riviera) Chen tells us her experience with the genre

Kefan Chen
22nd October 2021
Image: Oculus
My first VR experience took place last winter, my friends and I booked a place for an VR experience in a gaming center. It was a zombie themed attraction, in all honesty, I was quite afraid from the start.

The players before us were screaming so loud so I guess it was pretty different from regular horror games. When it came to my turn, I didn’t even have the courage to open my eyes because the music was so creepy and horrifying. Also my friends and I were split to different rooms of a rundown hospital. We were tied up on a wheelchair to begin this game, and it felt so real that I could barely move my hands in real life.

Image: Playstation

The only task was to escape from the hospital and if one of us got caught, the rest of us had to save him. Insanely the only way to defeat zombies was to shoot them directly in the eye with a flashlight. To do that, you had to look them right in the eyes. Just imagine how disgusting it was to look at their slimy faces. All I could remember was that I was screaming extremely loud all the time like the other players.

The last round was so dangerous and thrilling as we needed to team up to find a way out. I was so lost, there was shouting from my friends left and right. We needed directions from each other to make it out through the complex terrain. Luckily, we managed to escape at the end even if we were close to being kept captive .

Image: Steam

The first experience tempted me to go further. In the following months I went through a few other VR horror games and few of them let me down. The most impressive ones for me would be listed out as Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and Emily Wants to Play which tells a story of a delivery man, going into a haunted house where you are hunted by creepy, distorted laughing kids.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood - Image: Steam

Personally I don’t recommend playing VR horror games too much, because you might end up mixing the virtual world with reality. Eventually making you too scared to sleep alone.

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