Spooky Season: Staying in vs Going Out

Do you find yourself at a crossroads this Halloween? Do you wonder if you should stay in or go out?

Mia Dale
25th October 2022
Image Credits: Pixabay
Whether you spend the spooky season wrapped in your warmest blanket, losing yourself in the fictional town of Woodsboro as you cradle your mug in fear of the horror that plays out before you. Whether you find yourself gulping vodka shots as you and your friends work tirelessly on creating the best (or sexiest!) Halloween outfit, it is almost impossible to avoid the famous spooky season. In both scenarios the questions that divides many … is it best spent in the comfort of your own home, or out in the liveliness of town?

For many, the cost and planning of putting together two (or more) costumes is too much effort. I think it is fair to say that most students spend more time planning their Halloween costumes than their actual university assignments. So, the idea of curling up with your friends on the sofa, as the figure of Ghostface haunts your TV screen, seems like an ideal for some. 

You can’t pretend that you haven’t wasted hours on Pinterest looking for the perfect outfit

However, whilst many find comfort in the light of their tv screen, I think it’s fair to say that the majority of university students revel in the idea of dressing up and going out. The excessive planning of group costumes, along with the thorough investigations for the best Halloween events, begin to take over our lives. You can’t pretend that you haven’t wasted hours on Pinterest looking for the perfect outfit … I know you have. We all have. Once your outfit has been flawlessly assembled, the infectious vibrations of music and laughter draw you into the chaotic city streets, igniting a ferocious excitement in everybody. 

Everyone responds differently to the spooky season. Whether it evokes a cosy sentiment or a desire to drink the night away, it is a season of celebration. There is no right or wrong way to spend Halloween … but I’m sure I will find myself amid Digital’s hottest crowd!

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