Rachel Priestley invites you to read a poem that contributes to the little parts of creative arts from her student heart.

24th October 2016

In My Dreams

In my dreams, I wake up looking at the stars,

Unable to know where my dreams end and the world starts

The curtain drip and falls, revealing an early morning summer glow

Whilst the sun peeps over the hill to say hello;

Memories hidden from the wonders in my dreams,

‘You look tired’, you say, where have you been?

I have been exploring the world, seeing it all

Eyes in awe, calm, the world still asleep

Oblivious to the lives lived, no need for counting sheep

Every life I’ve lived has amazed me in my sleep

Let me tell you, I whisper, let me show you all of it

Meetings in secret, hushed tones pressed to our lips,

Dancing with pirates and sailing on ships,

Befriending every species and every single life form,

Together, blazing high seas, fires and rainstorms

We fought the war together, saw it all together,

Saving countries, saving lives, dreams which are wild;

Climbing over mountains to peacefully watch the sunset,

Then flying over countries in my own private jet

Riding horseback, following path lead by the birds

While the cats eyes light up the path of the outside world

Clouds above us dreaming, as my eyes are barely blinking

Awake, morning appears just as my tea sits steaming

So I lie here still, reflecting on all of my wonderful dreams

Remembering each night which always follows from ‘goodnight’

So I gaze at the sky, face fixed in a beam

Leaving behind millions of ideas of who I could wake up to be

Because the best stories ever told are ones which aren’t real

And the most important words are those which allow us to feel,

And my favourite imaginary world appears as I sleep,

Because the best lives I live are the ones in my dream.

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