James McCoull gets all sad.

28th November 2016
James McCoull gets all sad.

The habitual chewing of fingernails

came naturally to me

when I was nervous.

I cut that out. I stopped that,

but here it is again.

Bad habits - bloody nails,

itchy skin and restless legs:

the subconscious kicking

of a buried self

clawing at layers of gravedirt and irony

and detachment.

He’s down there (somewhere),

but how different he must look now

from this; from me.

I can’t feel him anymore,

because the only thing I can feel

is self-conscious

James McCoull is a Master’s student studying English Literature and Culture editor for this very paper. In his spare time he gets sad and writes poetry until he feels like a human

being again. Sometimes it doesn’t work.

More of his work can be found at the

following address:

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