Spotted on campus

This week, Sally Mu finds and photographs four of our most fashionable students out and about on campus

26th October 2015


Gab-fashGabrielė Regesaitė

Course: Combined Honours

Stage: 1

Hometown: Klaipeda

“Today I’m wearing a black suede skirt, which was hand made by my sister. My boots are from Vagabond and both my bag and jumper are from Zara. I choose whatever makes me feel the most comfortable really: jeans, shirts and sweaters make up most of my wardrobe. I do like skirts a lot though, however the key for me is to ultimately dress functionally and make sure I keep myself warm.”

webcal1Callum O'Connell

Course: Marine Biology

Stage: 3

Hometown: South Essex

“I literally wear whatever isn’t dirty, so I’ll just throw on whatever that I find in my cupboard. I just stick it altogether and see what it looks like to be honest. My outfit is mostly from charity shops; the shirt was only £2 from the British Heart Foundation and the jacket is from St Oswald’s Hospice, I got it for about £7.  I borrowed the bag off my mate. My boots were a bit pricier though because they’re Timberland.”


wennikki2Nikki Osborne

Course: Biomedical Science

Stage: 3

Hometown: Northern Ireland

“I’d say I get my style inspiration from Cara Delevigne, Alexa Chung and the Olsen twins. I’m really interested in Alexa’s make-up and I completely love her sense of style and her clothes. My jeans are just from Topshop and my trainers are from Reebok. I bought my bag when I visited New York, and my jumper is an old classic from Urban Outfitters. I usually go casual and comfortable, and stick to muted colours. ”

wwebreg2Regen Gregg

Course: Architecture

Stage: 2

Hometown: Huddersfield

“I prefer to make up my own style depending on what I’m feeling that day. I don’t really follow fashion advice on Instagram or anything, I prefer to go it alone. My shoes are from H&M, my jacket is from Vintage Dunn & Co, I think the jumper is ASOS and underneath my top is from Zara Man. My jeans are classics from Levi. The hair look I’ve gone for today is hangover hair, just blow dry it up and put some wax on it!”

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