Spring blossoming: flowers of the season

Gabbi De Boer tells us which plants we can look forward to seeing this spring and what makes them special.

Gabbi De Boer
15th March 2021
With the Spring season fast approaching, there are many things to look forward to, and with it comes the growth of many plants and flowers. 

One iconic flower seen throughout Spring is the daffodil. With its gorgeous yellow colouring and bell-shaped petals, groups of these are a lovely sight in the bright Spring sunshine. Many shops also sell these to welcome in the Spring, therefore becoming a beautiful signifier of springtime.

Flourishing in shades of purple, yellow and white is the crocus, with their distinguishable bright orange stamens. These colours are beautiful to see scattered across the grass (in Newcastle, these can be seen throughout Leazes park), the pastel shades also synonymous with Easter. 

Image credit: Pixabay @Couleur

Tulips, with their rich colour variety and unique cup shape, also help welcome the spring season. They can create quite the dazzling display, grown throughout gardens and also sold in bunches in supermarkets. Because of this, they are difficult to miss during the Springtime.  

Later on in Spring, lilac shrubs bring both a beautiful purple colour to the season but also carry a distinct sweet scent. They attract many pollinators such as bees and butterflies, bringing life back to gardens after the dreary winter. 

Lilac shrubs bring both a beautiful purple colour to the season but also carry a distinct sweet scent.

As spring begins to fade, blackberry bushes also flower and bear fruit. This prepares us for the Summer season, however are something to look forward to during the springtime. The pinkish flowers and juicy berries can be seen along many walking trails from June onwards, and if you want to, blackberry picking can be a fun afternoon activity. 

Overall, the spring brings beautiful buds that are hard to miss with their vivid colours and unique shapes. With their growth comes hope of better weather and longer days to get outside and make the most of the sunshine.

Feature Image credit: Pixabay @Anelka

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