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Lois Johnston discusses the exciting new beauty products due to be released this Spring/Summer...

Lois Johnston
6th March 2017

Currently, we’re in the middle of several fashion weeks, but let’s be honest, what all us beauty junkies care about is the new Spring Summer ’17 releases. This year is set to be a huge year in beauty, with huge companies such as L’Oréal, Too Faced and Kylie Cosmetics already having launched new product lines and great collaborations. So, I tried to gather together those which are, in my opinion, going to be the best new beauty releases this season.

First up we have the queen of make-up, Charlotte Tilbury, with her new ‘Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask’ release. I can’t leave my house in a morning without my CT magic foundation, and from the few products I have tried of her skin care range that I have sampled, I have high hopes for these sheet masks. The mask, which claims to work in 15 minutes is described as ‘A hyper-intelligent 5-skin solution’ which basically does all the good stuff which we want to happen to our skin. The release date hasn’t been announced yet but you can sign up on her website for a notification when it launches – I expect it to be a sell out!

The Kardashian’s BFF and hair stylist, Jen Atkin, is releasing her new product in her line OUAI – a foam dry shampoo. I haven’t tried any of Jen’s products yet, but this idea of a foam dry shampoo really intrigues me! Who isn’t constantly on the hunt for the next best dry shampoo, let’s be honest, it’s a life saver. And Jen certainly knows what she’s doing with the sales of her first release sky rocketing amongst beauty lovers around the world, so we can only pray that she has solved all our greasy, lifeless hair issues.

Beauty giants, Becca also have an exciting new release for this spring/summer. Their brand new ‘First Light Filter Face Primer’ is, I believe, similar to their cult product the ‘Backlight Illuminating Primer’. This new edition, still claims to give your skin a radiant, lit-from-within type glow, but this time it has a lilac tint to it. The colour lilac cancels out any yellow shades and dullness that your skin may have and evens out imperfections. The ingredients, amongst many, include ginger and fresh citrus notes, which energise the complexion and create an awakening experience. It provides the perfect base for your foundation, or you can wear it alone for a super natural look. I don’t know about you but I’m sold.

NARS have also just launched a very exciting new release – their ‘Soft Matte Concealer’. I personally think it’s futile trying to create a concealer that is better than their creamy concealer because if it’s not broke don’t fix it, right? Having said this, however, their new launch comes in the same range of colours as their other concealers, but is just packaged in a pot rather than with a dofour applicator. I think this will be better for people who have more prominent skin issues, and darker discolouration or blemishes, as I expect it to be a thicker, denser formula and so is perfect for areas which need a little bit of extra coverage.

Other note-worthy SS17 beauty releases include Beauty Blender’s ‘Bubble’, a limited edition beauty blender in baby pink, which has been released to celebrate the company’s 15th year. Also, Giorgio Armani have created a brand new ‘Power Fabric’ foundation which is set to rival their sales of their famous ‘Luminous Silk’ bestseller. Will this one be worth the hefty price tag? In terms of the beauty market in general, I predict we can also expect to see several companies launching their new range of liquid lipsticks over the next few months, because this is a huge trend which doesn’t look set to give up any time soon.

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