Stan Calvert 2018 Preview

Courier Sport pick out some key fixtures to look out for on the final week of Stan Calvert 2018

Mark Sleightholm
20th February 2018
After another defeat, do changes need to be made to Stan Calvert? Image: NUSU

Fencing: Mark Sleightholm

Sports Central, Upper Hall; Sun 25th Feb 11am - 3pm

The only Stan Calvert fencing fixture will see the two men’s first teams go head-to-head on the final Sunday at Northumbria Sport Central.

Northumbria’s first team currently plays in the Northern 2B division in BUCS, where they sit just ahead of the Newcastle seconds at the top of the table. Newcastle’s first team is currently two divisions ahead, in the Premier North, but facing relegation at the end of this season.

Club president Max Sharp said: “I'm feeling really confident. Our second team lost to them by three points this season so our first team should absolutely smash them.”

Indeed, Newcastle smashed their way to victory at last year’s Stan Calvert, where they won in the épée, foil and sabre in both the men’s and women’s competitions. With only the men taking part this year, expectations of an easy win are still high, but the fixture should still prove an entertaining lunchtime event for spectators. The three weapons all have slightly different rules regarding valid target areas on the body and rights of way, and each has its own pace and skills required, but anything less than domination in all three will be a disappointing result for the Newcastle Blades.


Women's Football: Egle Vaitkenaite

Coach Lane; W1 - Sat 24th Feb 11am, W2 - Sun 25th Feb 11am

The Stan Calvert Cup attracts the fans of women’s football from both Newcastle and Northumbria Universities. The students are keen to find out of which team is going to win the prestigeous cup this year.

Newcastle University’s both 1st and 2nd women football teams play in the Northern division.  The 1st women team is currently ranked at the 4th position at the Northern 2B league, while the 2nd team is ranked at the 3rd place in 3B league. The Northurmbria’s women first football team is currently playing in the Premier North league, while standing at the 2nd place, and the 2nd football team is ranked in the 2nd position in the Northern 1A division.

Both teams have demonstrated good shape and consistency during the season, with statistics showing that the physical form of the Northumbria’s football teams has been exceptionally great.

Although, both the Newcastle women’s football teams had to admit defeat last year, the 1st football team losing the match 0-4, and the 2nd team resulting 1-4, they still have a strong desire and willingness to win and be the best.

Despite the league and statistical differences between the rival sides, the rabbits of Ouseburn farm were insistent that the overall Stan Calvert women’s football result would be 1-1, meaning that one of the Newcastle teams will claim victory. Both matches will take place at Coach lane at the end of February. The women’s 1sts will play on Saturday, the 24th of February and the 2nds on the 25th. Let’s wish the best of luck for both of the teams and hope for some great results!


Korfball: Mark Sleightholm

Sport Central, Upper Hall; Thur 22nd Feb,  7pm.

Newcastle's newest club will make history on 22 February when korfball makes its Stan Calvert debut at Northumbria's Sport Central.

The sport was developed in the early twentieth century in the Netherlands but has started to grow in popularity in the UK, and Chris Baker of the Newcastle Nighthawks hopes the Stan Calvert fixture will help to raise the sport's profile further.

A high-energy but limited-contact sport, korfball bears some resemblance to netball, although it stands apart from other more mainstream sports in that teams are made of four male and four female players.

Newcastle's club was only established in the autumn, and have had a mixed bag of results in their competitions so far, although went 5-1 up in the first five minutes in a recent match against Edinburgh, going on to win the match 10-7.

Northumbria, with a more established side, beat the Nighthawks 10-2 in a recent league match, but Baker is still confident his team will prevail in Stan Calvert. This is in spite of his team having to skip a training session this week because their training venue, Newcastle High School for Girls, was shut for half term. As the club grows in the future they hope to be able to move into the Sports Centre, and a win at Stan Calvert would help establish them as an exciting and promising part of the AU.


Lacrosse: Tom Shrimplin

Bullocksteads; W1 - Sun 25th Feb 11am, M1 - Sun 25th Feb 12:30pm

Newcastle's Lacrosse Mens and Womens teams will be looking to defeat Northumbria at Bullocksteads on 25 February.

Originating from North America, Lacrosse has since spread to the English-speaking world becoming one of the most rapidly growing and increasingly popular sports on the BUCS programme, especially on the mens side of the game.

Lacrosse is a team sport, using a lacrosse stick from which you can carry, pass, catch and shoot a small, solid rubber ball into the net. There are four different versions of the game, however in the main BUCS competition only Field Lacrosse and Women's Lacrosse are played. Field Lacrosse is the fast-paced men's outdoor version of the game with 10 players on each team with body contact allowed. While the Womens' version of the game features 12 players on each team, is also outdoors, and involves no physical contact between players

Both Newcastle and Northumbria Mens firsts are in the Northern 1A League in third and fourth place respectively, although Newcastle do also have a couple games in hand. While the Newcastle Womens firsts are in 4th place in Northern 1A League, two leagues above Northumbria.

The difference in quality between the Mens and Womens teams from Newcastle and Northumbria can be seen from the scores last year. The Mens team will be looking to avenge last year’s defeat having lost 4-6 in a very tight game. Meanwhile, the Womens team will be looking to be the victors once again having thrashed Northumbria by a score of 19-5 in 2017.

So be sure to head down to Bullocksteads to see some exciting games of Lacorsse on the final day of Stan Calvert 2018.


Netball 2nds: James Sproston

NU Sports Centre; Sun 25nd Feb, 3:30pm

The netball match to look out for this weekend is the Netball 2s, acting as one of the two finales this year, over at Newcastle’s Sports Centre. Both teams ply their trade in Northern 2B, though Northumbria sit two places above Newcastle, having beaten their cross-city rivals 54-34 back in November.

However, Newcastle 2s Captain Mia Day believes that her team have a decent chance of winning: “We just need to stay calm because they try to play really fast, but if we try to play fast then we’ll slip up. We need to remember to play our own game, and not get drawn into playing theirs. Their team is more vocal than ours, but they get at each other when they’re not playing well; we’re a nicer team than that, so that could help us if we frustrate them.”

The two sides face each other the Wednesday before Stan Calvert Sunday, which will be a good warm up for the teams. Day added: “They’re quite an aggressive team, so it’ll get feisty over the two games, but at training everyone really switches on during Stan Calvert, so that should help out in our BUCS game too.”

After much deliberation, the Netball 1s fixture also made it into the Stan Calvert programme, as they face off at 2pm in Newcastle’s Sport Centre. It’s not long since the two teams faced each other in the finale back in 2015, it was a tight fixture back then, and it will be again. The punters should back Northumbria in this one, but you can’t rule out Newcastle as underdogs.

Finally, the Netball 3s fills the gap between the 1s and 2s. Having only beaten Durham this year, and having lost twice to their own 4s, Newcastle will be aiming for damage limitation in this one. Expect to see a repeat of the 55-33 defeat that Northumbria 3s inflicted on Newcastle back in November.


Water Polo: Megan Lord

Sport Central; W1 - Mon 19th Feb 7:30pm, M1 - Mon 19th Feb 9pm, W2 - Thur 22nd Feb 7:30pm, M2 - Thur 22nd Feb 9pm

Newcastle Water Polo club have had a sensational season so far, with both seconds team, and the men's first team sitting at the top of their leagues. The women's firsts sit in a respectable fourth place of the premier league, hoping to make it to championship semi finals. Last years Stan Calvert clash saw Northumbria take a 2-1 victory, but following the introduction of a Northumbria womens 2nd team to BUCS, Newcastle are hoping to even things out this year. First up are the Womens 1st team, who have an unbeaten record against Northumbria for the past few years. The two are yet to face each other this year, but with Northumbria sitting a league below premiership side Newcastle, the team in red and blue are expected to easily defeat their team Northumbria counterparts.

Next up are the Mens 1st team, who despite being a league below Northumbria have seen victories in years gone by. With promotion on the cards for the Newcastle men, and their squad looking the strongest ever, this game could be where the Stan Calvert Water Polo title is lost or won. The womens seconds are the only team to have faced their Northumbria counterparts already this season. With one win and one draw under their belts, the seconds are predicted to be victorious in their first ever Stan Calvert. The mens seconds however may be a different story, with Northumbria's mens seconds team sitting a whole league above Newcastle. Having lost Stan Calvert last year, the same is predicted this year. However, following a fantastic season maybe a miracle is on the cards for Newcastle

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