Stay at home skiing

Over the winter, a ski slope opened in Northumberland allowing people to enjoy skiing without leaving the country.

Elžbieta Voverytė
21st February 2022
Image credit: facebook
The beginning of the year served the North several frosty, winter-like days, negative temperatures and even some snow. During those 6 days in early January, ski-enthusiasts took to the slopes in Northumberland, the Telegraph reports. Although Newcastle only saw a glimpse of snowfall, there was as much as 4 cm of snow in the higher areas of North England.

Ski-Allenheads, a volunteer-run ski club in the North Pennines Area of Natural Beauty, invited North Easterners to enjoy the snow activities and spend those days skiing or snowboarding, depending on their preferences.

The slope is opened on snowy days only, therefore you will not always have time to prepare for the short break to the stunning landscapes of North Pennines. Usually it will be either the same or few upcoming days – to help, Ski-Allenheads always keep their Facebook and Twitter pages updated. Alternatively, you should just follow the forecast and look out for snowy weathers.

The slope is available for members only but the membership is quite easy to get. For students, it costs £20 or £15 if you buy it before December 1st. The membership is valid for the full length of the year from November 1st to October 30th.

In the past year, the facilities have attracted an unusually high amount of members, mainly due to travelling restrictions and skiers choosing local holidays instead of making their way to the Alps.

Although, according to BBC weather forecasts it is unlikely that we will get any more snow this winter, if you're interesting in skiing, keeping the name saved will come in handy sooner or later and the Ski-Allenheads slopes are a treat for anyone at least mildly interested in winter sports.

Rather than waiting for those occasional snowy days or flying out to the European ski resorts, you can always visit an indoor arena – there is a range of them over the UK and there are few just few hours away from Newcastle.

The longest indoor ski slope is in the Chill Factore arena in Manchester, the largest slope is in the Snozone arena right next to Leeds and the closest one, located in the neighboring Sunderland – Silksworths Sports Complex.

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