Steam Link discontinued

Jacob Clarke reports on the abrupt discontinuation of Valve's in-home streaming option.

Jacob Clarke
10th December 2018
Image Credit: Flickr (TheDailyExposition)

When Valve launched the Steam Link in 2015, it offered what seemed to be a good way for PC gamers to stream their games from their PCs to their TV, and to offer a high quality, console-like experience, with very little cost.

However, Valve has recently announced they are no longer selling the device, and they are almost sold out of remaining stock.

The discontinuation of the device has come as a shock to some Steam users, as apps and updates for the device were only released as recently as May 2018. The cross-platform device integration was also a high selling point of the device, allowing you to use a variety of controllers from Xbox to Switch, or even Valve’s own Steam controller (the future for which is still uncertain).

As an optimist, I’d like to think this is Valve changing direction back to game development rather than software and hardware development - as we can see with the recent release of Artifact, the first Valve game in five years, this may be a possibility. However, this move could also be a bid by Valve to release some new, updated hardware (though nothing new has been announced at this time).

It would be difficult to say the Steam Link was an overriding success, or changed the PC gaming community in a large way.

Whilst most of the stock is almost sold out, it would be difficult to say the Steam Link was an overriding success, or changed the PC gaming community in a large way. I owned one for a while and it mainly went unused and, talking to other PC gamers I know they either didn’t know what it was, had one but rarely used it, or just weren’t interested.

It seems most PC gamers are satisfied with their games being on their monitors rather than a TV screen, or use an old-fashioned HDMI cable to enjoy their games on their TV. It makes sense that Valve are now replacing it with a simple streaming app, though as usual I look forward to seeing Valve’s next venture.

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