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Molly Harris tells us the most important things she’s learnt in First Year outside of the lecture hall

7th December 2015
  1. TREBLES: Whether it’s Sinners or SOHO rooms asking for a double is practically criminal. I’ve definitely learnt the hard way about the potency of them. It’s trebles 1-0 me, I never seem to come out of there walking, and if you do you’re doing it wrong.

  2. EAT4LESS: Eat4less is famous amongst all Newcastle students, and if you haven’t been you’re probably the only one. Always expect a queue, know what you want when you get to the front, and embrace the sense of disappointment/ regret/ shame when you finish your baguette in less time than you had to queue and feel slightly greasy. But it’s that feeling that keeps everyone going back every day.


"you finish your baguette in less time than you had to queue and feel slightly greasy. But it’s that feeling that keeps everyone going back every day."

3.LOVE YOUR FREEZER: My cupboards and fridge may be basically empty but my freezer is overflowing with food. Most it is already out of date, but I’m too cheap to throw it away and somehow I think the freezer will save it. I have mince which I bought in freshers week in there still which will probably never get turned into the spag bohl it was destined for. Also the freezer is amazing for bread, from pitta to bagels it’s a carb lovers heaven.

4. RAHS: Before coming to Newcastle I had no idea what a rah was. Now it is literally mentioned all the time. You will encounter them everywhere you go, usually trying to hand you a leaflet.

5. BEING AN ADULT SUCKS: I knew I was an adult when I bought washing powder for the first time. My circuit card never seems to have any money on it, and the machines are always full; that just means my pile of dirty clothes continues to be unwashed. I have definitely gone to lectures in some questionable fashion choices due to lack of clean clothes. And I am definitely not the only one, my roommate even admitted he had worn the same pants for 3 days.

No matter how much of a Nigella you think you are before uni, having only beans, pasta and soup in your cupboard really tests your creativity. Bean juice is not a good pasta sauce f.y.i.

Before I came to uni I thought I was relatively tidy, now I can barely get in the door with the amount of stuff on my floor. You show your true colours when no one is yelling at you to tidy up.

"No matter how much of a nigella you think you are before uni, having only neans, pasta and soup  in your cupboard really tests your creativity"

6. YIK YAK: I have a friend at Liverpool Uni who is constantly peeking at Newcastle’s yaks. She admits she has no idea where/what Jesmond is but still finds it funny.

7. CLUBS LIE: Seriously, how early do you actually have to get to Digi Mondays to pay only 80p. Has anyone ever managed it? How are they allowed to continue with such false advertising?! Most people go to Trop anyway.

8. NORTH VS SOUTH DIVIDE: The divide is real! And there is no midlands so you’re going to have to pick a side I’m afraid. No exceptions.

9. 9AM FEELS LIKE 6AM: Snooze the alarm and roll over. Not today 9am, not today.

10. RAIN: It ALWAYS rains. The best piece of advice for any future fresher buy a coat with a hood (probably from Zara if you want to look like everybody else) or a wind proof umbrella.

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