Stream wars: which streaming service reigns supreme?

Our writers go head-to-head to defend their streaming service of choice

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5th August 2020
Since the dawn of, erm, 2007 when Netflix was released, people have been asking: what's the best streaming service? There's so many at this point that it can get quite overwhelming when deciding which ones are worth investing your money in monthly. However, our writers give you their opinions on which platform they prefer.


Okay, I admit that in terms of original content, Disney+ still has some work to go. Sure it has The Mandalorian, which I am yet to watch despite everyone saying it's brilliant, and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, which I have watched with pride. However, in terms of childhood memories, Disney+ is golden.

Credit: IMDb

If I didn't have Disney+ during lockdown, I think I would have gone more insane than I already am on an average day-to-day. When the world still bleak, I find great comfort in watching the terrible shows I used to enjoy as a kid. Knowing that at any point I can watch Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place or Lizzie McGuire is too much for my brain to comprehend. Not only that, but I've stumbled upon shows that I genuinely thought were weird childhood hallucinations, such as The Little Mermaid TV show (it's trash), Lilo & Stitch: The Series and Recess. I'm still waiting for House of Mouse to come on Disney+, but for now, I have plenty of nostalgia to comfort me.

Is it a vast whirlpool of memories and has the Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience? Absolutely, and that's a winner in my eyes.

Is it the best quality of streaming content? No, it took Disney+ ages to sort out the resolution size of The Simpsons, and most of Disney+ is garbage. Does it have lots of original shows? No. Is it a vast whirlpool of memories and has the Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience? Absolutely, and that's a winner in my eyes. Oh, and it has Hamilton now, so that's an instant win.

Sophie Hicks


When I first sat down to write this I thought I was going to be all profound and explore the brilliance of the streaming service that started it all. I would have talked about the clear layout that makes finding new shows easy to find. But then I realised, why did I have to ramble on about all this to convince you why Netflix is the best when their extensive library can do a much better job than me.

So here are just a few of the many (oh so many) brilliant shows to come from Netflix that should be more than enough to convince you who really is on top.

Credit: IMDb

*takes a deep breath* Sex Education, Daredevil, Umbrella Academy, Stranger Things, Atypical, Dark, You, Narcos, Money Heist, Ozark, Tiger King (no, I still haven't seen it), The Stranger, Jessica Jones, The Haunting of Hill House, I Am Not Okay With This, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Dear White People, Better Call Saul *and exhale*.

Oh wait, I only talked about Netflix Originals on the streaming service.

Credit: IMDb

*takes another deep breath* Avatar: The Last Airbender, Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Peaky Blinders, Breaking Bad, Sherlock, End of the F**king World, Skins, Sons of Anarchy, Horrible Histories, Archer, Rick and Morty, Friday Night Dinner, Hannibal, Derry Girls, Gotham and so much bloody more *exhale*

No other streaming service comes close to the amount of content Netflix has available

Basically there is a reason Netflix is still on top and will be for a while longer: no other service can even come close to the amount of content they have.. And I didn't even mention their film library.

George Bell

Prime Video

Despite many of my morals screaming at me to boycott, Amazon Prime has undeniably been a saviour during the long, monotonous hours, days and months of this crazy new decade. 
Despite the hot competition coming from the likes of Netflix and Disney +, Prime ultimately takes the crown for these few reasons:

1. A blast from the past

Image: IMDb

Time has finally been at our disposal, and all these extra hours in the day to finally learn French on Duolingo, or tackle the 101 books to read before I die, have been stolen by Prime’s even bigger library of TV shows I never got around to watching. There is literally a category called “Could this BE more nostalgic?” So it was there I disappeared; into the world of Dawson’s Creek, Desperate Housewives, The OC, and One Tree Hill

Every cast name and the song playing in each scene is conveniently available

2. It has kept my family sane

Yes, I am that annoying person that asks questions during a show. Most commonly the question is nothing to do with the story but: “Oh why do I recognise her?” or “Ah, what song is playing?” Luckily, Prime has all that information with a flick of the remote. No need for Google or Soundhound, as every cast name and the song playing in each scene is conveniently available, meaning I am happy and my family can watch in peace. 

3. The Originals (not the show)

A tough competition with Netflix producing excellent original shows such as Orange is The New Black and Stranger Things. However, I personally think Prime has exceeded, with The Marvellous Mrs Maisel, Hunters, Alex Rider, Good Girls Revolt, and Hanna. Check. Them. Out.

Cayla Viner

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