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Now exam season is fast approaching, Phoebe Hoi Yiu Ng tells us how to avoid breakouts and tired skin due to late nights in the Robbo

25th April 2016

Humidity of spring, late nights in library, and deadlines. What do these things have in common? They are all part of the perfect formula for breakouts. Follow my tips below to tackle these annoying little things!


As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We all know the drill - beauty sleep, regular exercises, clean eating. Even though it is still an urban myth that greasy fried food causes breakouts, it is certain that we should drink a lot of water in order to balance out the body. You also want to avoid generate excessive oils to compensate dehydration. Other than the above, a habit that we always do is touch blemishes with our hands. It is with our hands that bacteria and allergens have the opportunity to transfer from fingertips onto the skin. It does not necessarily cause acne, but it definitely worsens it. I know it is not an easy thing to stop doing because we often do this unconsciously. But from now on, avoid touching your skin to keep oil at bay.

Skincare Routine

Clean your skin daily, especially if you have put on makeup or SPF products. Porefinist cleansing oil (£60.00) from Shu Uemura comes on the pricey side but it specifically targets pores and one bottle lasts a long time. Exfoliate around two/three times a week to clean away the layer of dean skin cells. Clay masks like Charlotte Tilbury’s Goddess Skin Mask (£45) give you a great beauty detox. This product is infused with nutrient-rich Spanish clay and hydrating sweet almond oil, it tightens pores without leaving skin feeling like it’s been wrapped. I would recommend occasionally going makeup free, to let your skin ‘breathe’ better. If the troubles really trouble you, Benefit Cosmetics the POREfessional line would be your best friend.

Essential Oils

In case acne still arises, despite all the efforts you have done, essential oils would be your last weapon. Apart from the commonly known tea tree oil, there are a few essential oils, such lavender that you can reap the benefits from. The simplest and best way to use essential oils for acne is to apply 2-3 drops to the concerned area. Any oils with concentration higher than 15% need to be diluted before use. For more sensitive skin, opt for milder oils like the lavender. There are also a lot of skincare products infused with these ingredients. Of course there is Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Range. Apart from that, look out in the market for products containing benzoyl peroxide, anti-bacterial ingredients, and salicylic acid.

Leave it to the professionals

It is highly unadvisable to pop your spots. But if you are going to do it, have them popped by professionals rather than by yourself. Popping them at home does not only risk leaving unattractive scars, but the bacteria inside the spot may end up inside other pores, leading to even more pimples.  Another reason not to do it is you may push the debris and bacteria even deeper into your skin. Therefore, it is best to leave the job to the pros and don’t forget to apply some scar prevention cream afterwards.

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