Striking lecturers to hold teach-outs this week

Amidst the upcoming UCU strike action, lecturers are planning to hold teach-outs. A teach-out is a form of protest where members of staff hold lectures off campus during the strikes.

Molly Greeves
24th November 2019
Image: @NewcastleUniUCU
Amidst the upcoming UCU strike action, lecturers are planning to hold teach-outs. A teach-out is a form of protest where members of staff hold lectures off campus during the strikes.

The lessons will be on a range of topics including climate action, mental health, the UCU and yoga.
An email was sent out encouraging "students, staff and members of the public" to come along to learn and show support.
Postgraduate student Charlotte Paige Boulton stated: "The teach-outs are proof that lecturers really do want to be teaching and that the strikes are a last resort in response to brutal pension cuts and unstable contracts. Along with going to the picket-lines, turning up to the teach-outs is a great way to show support for them during this time."
The UCU action will be happening from 25 November to 4 December. Members of staff will be striking over pension cuts and "ongoing pay inequality based on gender, ethnicity and disability". Last week the Courier interviewed Dr Stacy Gillis about the strikes. The printed version had a few errors - to read the amended version of this interview click here.


Monday 25 November

11-12 (Hotspur Pub)History of Strike Posters (and making some!)
12-1 (Hotspur Pub) The Action by Andy Smith: A Reading, various staff (English Literature, Language & Linguistics)
1-2 (Old Eldon Square)UCU Northern Region Rally

Tuesday 26 November

11.30-12 (Hotspur Pub) The Challenges of the Gender Pay Gap
12-12.30 (Hotspur Pub) Managing the Menopause at Work
12.30-1 (Hotspur Pub) Brave and Fun Virginia Woolf
1-1.30 (Hotspur Pub) How to Protect Yourself from Witchcraft in Shakespeare’s England
1-2 (Jesmond URC) Yoga

Wednesday 27 November

11-12 (Hotspur Pub) Drop-in: Anti-Casualisation Coping Strategies
12-1 (Hotspur Pub) Beginners’ Portuguese/Intro to Samba
1-2 (Jesmond URC) Yoga

Thursday 28 November

8-11 (Picket Line) Mindful Therapies
11.30-12.30 (Hotspur Pub) The Right to be Lazy: The Sociology of Work
12.30-1 (Hotspur Pub) Keep Racism Out of the General Election, Stand Up to Racism (NUSU)
1-2 (Hotspur Pub) Calligraphy & Lettering Raksha Pande (Geography, Politics & Sociology)
1-2 (Jesmond URC) Yoga Session

Friday 29 November

11-12.30 (Civic Centre) Collective Climate Strike
12.30-1 (Hotspur Pub) The Fight Over Fracking, Gareth Fearn (Architecture, Planning and Landscape)
1-2 (Hotspur Pub) Demo: Hand-Building Complex Structural Forms with Clay

Monday 2 December

11-11.30 (Hotspur Pub) Would Martin Luther King and Frederick Douglass Be on the Picket Lines?
11.30-12 (Hotspur Pub) Questions On and In Child Language
12-1 (Hotspur Pub) The Wonderful World of Words
1-2 (Hotspur Pub) Desmystifying R: Making Statistics and Programming Fun!
2-3 (Northern Kings Gym) Introduction to Thai Kickboxing

Tuesday 3 December

11.30-12.30 (Hotspur Pub) Nowhere to Go: Improving Accessibility to Toilets for People with Disabilities
12.30-1.30 (Hotspur Pub) Disarming Armstrong: Renaming the Armstrong Building?
1.30-2 (Hotspur Pub) Philosophy: AI and the Artifice of Self
1-2 (Jesmond URC) Yoga

Wednesday 4 December

11-11.30 (King’s Gate) Christmas Carols
11.30-12.15 (Hotspur Pub)AIDS Activism, Clause 28 and Civil Disobedience, Fiona Anderson (Fine Art)
12.15-1 (Hotspur Pub) Emotion and the University: Connecting the Everyday and the Extraordinary
1-1.45 (Hotspur Pub) From Newcastle, For the World: Protest, Citizenship and Solidarity in Hong Kong and Singapore

Featured Image: @NewcastleUniUCU

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