Stuck in a book: the best fictional worlds to spend Christmas

Christmas is such a large part of so many novels, but in which world would Christmas be best?

multiple writers
10th December 2020
In a year many of us wish to escape, our writers contemplate the fictional worlds they'd rather be in this Christmas.

Since the White Witch was defeated, Christmas in Narnia can be celebrated once again. And I can’t imagine a better way to spend this time of year than sitting by a fireplace, drinking hot chocolate with Beavers and Tumnus while observing snowflakes dancing in the subtle light of the lamp post. Knowing Narnian kindness I can expect truly magical gifts that will always remind me of these marvellous moments. And since I was very good this year and stuck to the covid rules, I hope to be honoured by the visit of the king Caspian himself - I can’t dream up a better compensation for the hardships of this year.

Maja Mazur

Little Women's Massachusetts

There is little as charming as a Christmas at Louisa May Alcott’s March household (Little Women, 1868). The energy of Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy permeates the pages of Little Women, particularly on Christmas day when the charitable donation of their breakfast to a poorer family is rewarded with Mr Lawrence’s gift of a decadent dinner. The girls’ hand-made presents for their mother and imaginative performances to the community illustrate the importance of kindness and family, which is of course what Christmas is all about! 

Abby Sammons

Bridget Jones's London

Christmas is a time for family, sure. However, in a year in which I have spent nine uninterrupted months with my family, this festive season I’m in need of something a little different.

I know Bridget Jones’s Diary is by no means christmassy to most of you but the mental image I have of Bridget and Darcy in those awful 90s Christmas jumpers (in the adaptation) beg to differ. In fact, it is the first image I conjure when the ‘c’ word is mentioned. So please forgive me when I say that I would like to spend this Christmas in a novelty sweater, drinking copious amounts of cheap wine and gossiping with dear Bridget. Please, it’s all my soul needs.

Evie Lake

The Shire
Wikimedia Commons

With its beautiful scenic views of flowing rivers, open woodlands and charming hobbit houses buried in the hollow hills of the surrounding lush greenery, I can’t imagine a more tranquil and magical world to spend Christmas in other than The Shire; home to the hobbits of Middle-earth from J.R.R Tolkien’s epic masterpiece, The Lord of The Rings. 

By embracing a hobbits’ traditional way of life, you’ll rekindle a love for the earth, a newfound value of community and your heart will be free to capture the true spirit of the festive season. In the words of Noble Smith, get set to welcome in the new year with some cracking celebrations, as you “kick off your shoes, unburden yourself with song”, dance on table-tops and gaze at the night stars - a much-needed release from the never-ending despair of 2020! 

Claire Maggie Dowens

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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