Student Council: The One with all the Sleighs

Student Council's last meeting took place and saw most notions approved, apart from the contentious renaming of The Courier.

Katie Siddall
19th December 2022
Image credit: Sophie McNally
The final Student Council of 2022 took place on Thursday 8th December. This council held a lot of (e)motions - get it? - but it held even more "slaayyyyys". Context: after each motion, at least one person would say "slaayyyy".

First there was a state of union report from our President Mady Baurgh, who said that all Sabbs are settling into their roles and have had lots of student engagement so far throughout the year. She also mentioned how the Support and Advice Hub officially opened on the 7th December and that a Cost of Living Crisis survey closed yesterday, which had 309 responses.

The main news from Mady though was that her Let's Talk About Sex, Baby campaign. She said that it is going really well and there has been a lot of participation from people all over campus! As well as there being £1 meal deals across campus until December 16th - these meals can be found in Chicken Shack, the Courtyard, Bites (in the Med School) and the Business School Cafe.

Before we got into motions, the Welfare and Equality Officer, Aleena, spoke of how in the next semester she will be working on support for students who are wanting to terminate pregnancies and working with our very own NSR and NUTV. Whilst Hannah, the AU Officer, will be working on including more people within sport - such as opening the Sports Centre for longer during faithful periods such as Ramadan.

Council then took to motions... where the first motion was to change The Courier's name to The King's Courier. The person who put this motion forward did not show up, and with many questions aimed towards the seconder... it did not go well for those who proposed the motion with 97.8% voting against the name change.

Another motion which did not go through was a change to Hootsuite - the website the university uses to upload social media content. A whopping 67.6% said no to this motion. However, the rest of the motions that went through council passed with a significant percentage. One passing motion saw 75% of students wanting a pond on campus to save frogs and other amphibians!

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