Studying in Your Room: A Bedroom or a Study Space?

Lenka Minarovicova explains how to turn your bedroom into a work room easily

Lenka Minarovicova
30th November 2020
black and dark green modern bedroom, mock up, copy space , 3d rendering
Over the past few months, due to the pandemic we all have experienced various changes in different aspects of our lives, our academic life very much included. Even though in the second wave we’ve been given the opportunity to live in Newcastle with the university remaining open, we’re still only attending online seminars and completing online lectures from the comfort of our rooms. However, after being stuck inside those four walls for such a long time, one can go crazy; therefore, feeling unmotivated and being unproductive is something familiar to most of us. Although it is completely understandable and we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves in the current situation, we can still try to improve it. One of the small things you could do is to divide your room into various sections.

Imagine a house. There is a certain number of rooms, each serving a different purpose. You can do the same, as it is so much better when you know what you can expect in each area. Indeed, it would best if you could do it physically, with a clothing rack for instance, but that would most likely be quite impractical and distractive.

On a positive note, you can also divide it by getting your brain used to the tasks, which will be only done in that specific area.

For instance, always do your work sat at your desk, no matter how tempting your bed is. Same the other way around, if you need to chill a bit after a tiring day full of zoom calls, don’t read your favourite book or watch a movie at the desk but rather a bed or a chair moved to another part of the room.

As simple as it may sound, it’s proven beneficial in the life of many students including myself. Once you make a habit of this, you’ll find yourself being more productive, since your brain will recognize the area and automatically switch on a corresponding “mode”, such as productivity and concentration in your desk area. You’ll know that now that you’re there, it is the time to get work done.

To give you some more tips to differentiate between those areas, it is recommendable you keep all your stationeries, textbooks and notes in the dedicated area. On the other hand, it is crucial that anything that could possibly disturb you is out of your sight.

Moreover, keep in mind that a good lighting and fresh air will boost your focus so that you can “go home” to your relaxation area satisfied with what you’ve achieved after a long study day and completely turn off your brain.

Even though everything may be quite difficult now, the division of your room will certainly help you in many different ways.

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