Summer Makeup Inspiration & Tips to Stay Safe in the Sun

With summer approaching, Hannah Ross offers some make-up inspiration and tips to protect your skin in the sun.

Hannah Ross
23rd May 2022
Image: Instagram @urbanoutfitters
Summertime is when nature is thriving and the sun is shining, and I always like to match that energy with my makeup and skincare!
Image: Instagram @diorincc

To replicate these summery vibes, I always like to keep my make up as natural, but as glowy as possible. As the weather will hopefully be a bit warmer, try keeping foundation as light as possible and make sure you have SPF, if using it. This is especially if you have freckles, as it is the best time of year to show them off, so don’t you dare cover them up! I like to use a Body Shop sun protection face spray if I'm not using foundation, as it's not as greasy as standard sun cream, but it provides good protection! After that, I like to add a small amount of concealer where needed, followed by a little blush to make me look alive! If you are going for the more natural vibe, I would follow this with a touch of mascara and a nude lip. 

Image: Instagram @selenagomez
Image: Instagram @linnygd

However, for someone who enjoys a lot of expression through their makeup, summer is the time for bright and bold! Use that coloured liner you usually shy away from. Use those bright reds and yellows, or even go the whole way and put a rainbow on there! Whatever you choose, just remember nature is thriving and you should too! 

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