Summer Melancholy: Best Food Abroad

A look at the tastiest food & drink abroad...

Sarah Castledine
20th February 2023
Image credit Instagram @francosbar
Going on holiday is one of the best times in the year; you get to eat, drink, and sleep as much as you want. The highlight to most of my holidays is the food, everything tastes better in the sun, and you don’t have to cook it. Holidays abroad are the time when too many carbs is unheard of, and there's always room for dessert!

Some of the best food I’ve ever had was on my birthday trip to Paris, a city renowned for its pastries, wine, and unusual cuisine. I only had three days in Paris but I have never had a pain au chocolate that has tasted that good. When in Paris, you have to try some of the delicacies that the country is known for, including Escargots (Snails!). It’s something I never thought I’d do, however they’re genuinely good...I’m unsure if time has changed my mind about them, but you must eat them when in France.

The biggest portions I’ve ever had was a school trip to New York City around 5 years ago. I’m still recovering from the fact that a medium pizza was able to feed myself and a friend, with leftovers! I left New York feeling very full, however there’s nothing more exciting to a tourist than buying a pretzel from the street vans and it being double the size of your face.

Somewhere I will travel to again, and again, purely for the food, is Italy

Somewhere I will travel to again, and again, purely for the food, is Italy. The land of pizza, pasta and Aperol Spritz. There’s something about the love the locals have for their food that makes it so much better, and I refuse to believe that another country does gelato as well as the Italians. I’ve never heard someone have a bad word to say about the food when they travel to Italy, and even if they did, I don’t think I’d believe them!

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