Sun, sex and the sea - the most picturesque places in Mediterranean to do it.

Read where you can find Europe's hottest location to do it!

Rebecca Wright
15th February 2023
Image Credit : Pixabay
Of all the places in Europe, the Mediterranean is the undisputed ruler of romance. Complete with colourful mythology, azure waters, sprawling beaches, and quaint towns; it truly does embody the attitude of adventure, freedom, and passion. Here are some picturesque places in the Mediterranean that will definitely get you in the mood!

First of all, we have the Italian island of Stromboli. Located north of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian sea, the landscape consists of evocative volcanoes, hidden grottos, and a gorgeous array of flora. The island has an inherently sensual claim to fame in local folklore, as it is known as the ‘fertility atolls.’ It has been suggested that the isles act as a natural aphrodisiac, for those after intense and fiery experiences. Not only this, but the island also boasts night-blooming jasmine, a flower said to exude an overpoweringly seductive scent. With eruptions from an active volcano as frequent as every fifteen minutes, this island would be perfect for those seeking sexual thrill.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Perhaps more traditional, the well-known island of Mallorca is also an incredibly romantic destination that should not be overlooked. Known for its Spanish architecture, limestone mountains, and luxuriant vineyards, the island offers beautifully intimate surroundings that just radiate desire. The tales of ‘Aloja’ are enough to make anyone take a flight to Mallorca – these are feminine nymphs as dreamy as their surroundings, who enjoy staring at their beautiful reflections in the moonlit waters. As for its beaches, ‘Cala Formentor’ is renowned as one of the best in Mallorca due to its astounding setting. Fringed by fragrant pine forests and charming rolling hills, Mallorca’s astounding views are sure to put you in the mood for something more sensual. Grab a bottle of wine, pack a picnic, and see where the night takes you! 

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