Super Bowl Trailers - The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Arnojya Shree talks all things Sam and Bucky for the upcoming Disney+ show

Arnojya Shree
20th February 2021
Credit: Marvel Entertainment, YouTube

The NFL Super Bowl is most famous for American football kickabouts. But for us non-sporty people, it's all about the live performances, TV and movie trailers. When I wrote the preview for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier a few months ago, I felt underwhelmed and summed up by hoping for the series to be "redemptive". The new trailer from the Super Bowl has fulfilled or somewhat, exceeded my expectations for the show.

To recap quickly, it's a post-Endgame world where Anthony Mackie's (The Hurt Locker) Sam Wilson is on his way to stepping into the shoes of Captain America, and Sebastian Stan's (I, Tonya) Bucky Barnes AKA the Winter Soldier, has teamed up with him. When Marvel Studios initially introduced this dynamic duo to the audience in Captain America: Civil War, there was presumably a lot of tension between Falcon and Bucky. Both are Steve's best friends and loyal comrades but from different decades (talk about a generation gap!). But even with substantial disparities, Steve's absence seems to have brought them closer, with a feeling of loyalty heavy in the air. 

Credit: Marvel Entertainment, YouTube

The new trailer shows Falcon and Bucky helping each other, or rather, Bucky helping Sam in carrying the weight of Cap's legendary shield. If anybody understands the cost and sacrifices that came to Steve after wielding his shield, then it is Bucky. Steve spent his life living more for his country than he did for himself, and Bucky understood why. Now that Sam is supposedly stepping into those same shoes, while another threat rages to take out superheroes, who better than Bucky to help him along?

Yet, even amidst the dangerous escapades and responsibilities, the duo finds time for couple's therapy, if I may call it that. Like the rest of us, Bucky and Falcon go through ups and downs together and admit to a love-filled hatred for the other. This mismatched, chaotic and enemies to loving friends trope is very intriguing

With chemistry-filled playful scenes of the duo, somewhat nostalgic stills of Cap and angry masked villains, the show finds itself in a charming spot and is ready to deliver a good time.

Don't forget to mark your calendars as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premieres on Disney+ on March 19th!

Credit: Marvel Entertainment, YouTube
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